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10 Best Historical Building in Bandung

During colonial rule, the city of Bandung was supposed to be the capital of the Dutch East Indies, replacing Batavia. In addition, several European elites have lived in many areas in Bandung since the 19th century, such as on Jl. Asia Africa and not only on Jl. Braga. Many heritage buildings with distinctive architectural designs may also be found in various areas of Bandung. Therefore, we appeal to the ten most beautiful heritage buildings in Bandung that are a must-see.

  1. Villa Isola

The building with a distinctive architectural design is currently being used as the workplace for the rectorate of the Indonesian Education University and will be located on Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No.229. When viewed from afar, this building resembles a cruise ship. Formerly, this place belonged to an Indo-Italian descent named Willem Berrety, also known as the media king.

  1. Hotel Preanger

Soekarno is the person who designed this building. This took place when the first president of Indonesia became assistant architect Wolff Schoemaker. It is located at a junction of Jl. Big Lengkong. Before being replaced by the current art deco architectural design, the construction design used to adopt the baroque design of this construction.

  1. N. I Escompto MIJ

This construction was first used as a banking place called NI Escompto MIJ. Before occupying a place at the junction of Jl. Asia Afrika, the location of this bank is on Jl. Independent. Until now, this construction is still used by well-known banks in Indonesia. The uniqueness of the building can be found in the clock tower. If you are observant about remembering the roman numerals printed on the clock, the numbers are not written using the logo (IV) but using the emblem (IIII).

  1. Nedhandel NV

I am still struggling around Jl. Construction of Asia Africa, this building was also used by financial institutions from the Netherlands. The architectural design of the structure adopts a neo-classical design using materials imported from Europe. Just like the previous work, this building is currently being used by a bank.

  1. Hotel Savoy Homann

This resort has become one of the historic hotels in Bandung since being the place to stay for agents participating in their 1955 Asia Africa Seminar. In addition, the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin has even stayed at this hotel twice.

  1. DENIS

The building was formerly inhabited by NV. De EersteNederlandsch-IndischeSpaarkas or abbreviated as NV DENIS, is a construction that is said to be the winner of the Savoy Homann construction. The architectural design adopts compact art deco and has a tower. Now capital letters using the word BRAGA adorn the front page of the building.

  1. Pencil

The building is also known as the Pencil Construction because the roof is pointed like a pen tip. This building was previously used as the office of the world’s leading lubricating oil agent.

  1. St. Peter’s Cathedral Church

The church can be found at the intersection of Jl. Independent. The designer of this religious building is architect Wolff Schoemaker, an architect who also took part in designing the Villa Isola and the Preanger Hotel. When viewed from above, this church might look like it was producing a symmetrical country cross.

  1. Gedung Sate

The building, which is currently the central part of the West Java administration, has a skewer decoration on the roof. The significance of the six decorations signifies the construction cost of up to 6 million guilders. The architectural design itself is a combination of European-Indonesian construction styles.

  1. De Majestic

The construction, previously known as the Concordia Theater, is among the mystical cinemas in Bandung. Currently, the building which is located on Jl. This Braga is revitalized and functions as a theater and performing arts space.

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