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10 Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat You Can’t Miss!

Holidays to the beach, especially island tours, are always fun because the panorama is amazing. This group of islands looks charming, with the coast decorated with blue ocean water.

One of the destinations that have always been a dream for tourists is Raja Ampat, West Papua. Foreign countries have heard the beauty of the island in eastern Indonesia. Filled with charming tourist destinations, here are some inspiring tourist attractions that you can visit during your vacation in Raja Ampat.

  1. Misool Pulau Island

Misool is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, West Papua, and is directly adjacent to Seram Island. The uniqueness of Misool Island is the presence of a row of rocks in the east and the beautiful white sand with a view of the green mangrove, which is quite enchanting. On Misool Island, you can see various natural resources at the dive point, such as sharks, turtles, coral reefs, and other beauties.

Misool Island is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Raja Ampat. If you have the opportunity to visit Raja Ampat, then add Misool Island to your must-visit list.

  1. Yenbuba Island

Yenbuba Island saves the beauty of the sea that is so enchanting. You can snorkel here to see for yourself the underwater beauty. Before diving, you will be taken to the middle of the boat. Once you arrive at the location, you can immediately dive with complete equipment. But there is something to watch out for when you snorkel here. The ocean currents are very strong. If you look at it from above, it’s not a problem because you can’t see the ripples from the surface, it looks like the water is very calm. But you don’t need to worry. Follow the procedures, then everything will be safe.

  1. Arawai Waterfall

Located in Arawai Village, Mayabilit Bay, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Arawai waterfall is quite beautiful. You can swim around the waterfall and feel how cool the water is there. Coupled with the amazing view, this place feels so comfortable.

  1. Friwen Island

Friwen Island is a beautiful beach in Raja Ampat. The location is about 30 minutes to 1-hour drive from Waisai Island. Friwen Beach has extraordinary natural beauty. White sand adorns the coast, and there are shady trees that you can make a comfortable shelter.

If you come here, don’t worry about the waves, because the waves on this beach are very calm and you can barely even feel them. Therefore this beach is very suitable as a place to relax.

  1. Ayau Islands

The natural beauty of the Ayau Islands is not inferior to several other famous tourist attractions in Raja Ampat. Many say the Ayau Islands are suitable as a place for pre-wedding. Well, maybe you who want to get married in the near future can choose Ayuu Island as a place to capture the moment of your love with your lover.

The facilities to get to the Ayau Islands are still quite difficult, you can only use sea transportation. Although difficult to reach, this one tour is in great demand by tourists.

  1. Saporkren Village

Saporkren is a village in the west of Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Saporkren Village was built with the West Waigeo Nature Reserve conservation area. The natural beauty in this village is also so abundant and beautiful. The beach in Saporkren Village is very clean and looks so well-maintained. The white sand that stretches along the beach adds to the beauty and charm of the beach.

This beach is the target of tourists and is highly recommended to visit. Apart from being clean and clear, this beach is a type of deep beach so that you can swim freely up to 100 meters from the beach. You can also use this place as a place to gather with your family.

  1. Cape Kri

Kri Island is one of the islands already quite famous among tourists or true travelers. On this island, you can find a variety of inns. The island is also very close to Sorong and Waisai. Although there are many inns that you can find, the beauty of this island is still very well preserved.

You can enjoy your holiday here in peace. The beauty that is served can make you more relaxed and relaxed. Not so noisy, the wind that blows feels very calm. You can also enjoy a variety of local specialties. It could be a complete package.

  1. Mayalibit Bay

From Waisai, you have to rent a boat to explore Mayalibit. One boat can accommodate 10-12 people for IDR 6 million, but it can be less if you want to negotiate.

When you explore Mayalibit, you will see how beautiful nature is in Raja Ampat. You can enjoy a quiet ride. The journey will start from Waisai Harbor and take approximately 4 hours to go back and forth.

  1. Arborek Tourism Village

Arborek Village is a very beautiful village in West Papua. This village is a village that has developed local regulations on community-based open sea conservation and won the Village Competition of West Papua Province in 2015. Arborek Village has earned an outstanding reputation among local authorities and the international community. Cool?

The beach tourism known in this village is so charming with very clear and amazingly beautiful water. The friendliness of the residents is also very attractive for tourists to visit here.

  1. Sawing Rey

One of the fun activities you can do here is feeding the fish. Just dip your hand into the beach with flour mixture, the fish will come to you. If you see, the fish here are so adorable.

You can also see cendrawasih birds here. To see birds, you have to climb to Bukit Manjain, Wawing Rai, for 30 minutes. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Before you plan a trip to Raja Ampat, be sure to read more about Raja Ampat and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.