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12 Semarang Traditional Foods You Must Try

In addition to being an attraction for tourists because of the beauty of its tourist attractions, Semarang also has special foods that you must try. To make your vacation more interesting, you should try some of the traditional Semarang foods below.

  1. Lumpia

Lumpia is an Indonesian food that is influenced by Chinese culture. There are various types of lumpia. One of the famous types of lumpia is Semarang lumpia. There are two types of Semarang lumpia, namely wet and fried. You have to try Semarang lumpia. Filled with bamboo shoots, lumpia can be enjoyed boiled or fried. It’s better to use tauco sauce.

  1. Wingko Babat

Made from glutinous rice and roasted coconut, wingko babat is very popular in Semarang. Prices start at IDR 2,000 per seed.

  1. Tahu Gimbal

Tahu Gimbal is a traditional Semarang dish made from fried tofu, vegetables, and prawn bakwan. This tofu dish is then added with peanut sauce where the fried peanuts are coarsely ground.

  1. Soto Bangkong

Semarang also has soto, and the name is soto bangkong. Slightly different from the usual, the gravy is a bit brown and clear.

  1. Garang Asem Ayam

Garang Asem in processed chicken with coconut milk sauce and starfruit wrapped in banana leaves makes a plate of rice not enough.

  1. Mie Kopyok

Mie kopyok is a traditional food from Central Java. The noodle-based cuisine is served with rice cake, tetelan meat, tofu, bean sprouts, and gendar crackers and then poured with a savory sauce.

Mie kopyok is not much different from the typical shake noodles from Bandung. The word ‘kopyok’ in Javanese means ‘kocok’. Even though it’s traditional, kopyok noodles are still easy to find anywhere.

  1. Babat Gongso

Offal lovers, let’s move closer and try this Semarang-style babat gongso. Prepared with sweet soy sauce, babat gongso goes well with white rice or fried rice.

  1. Pisang Plenet

It’s starting to be rare; you have to try this pisang plenet. The bananas are grilled over charcoal, sprinkled with meses, cheese, or powdered sugar.

  1. Nasi Pindang

This soupy rice dish is called Nasi Pindang. Not fish. The side dish is beef. It tastes delicious, really suitable for breakfast.

  1. Roti Ganjel Rel

This roti ganjel rel is very similar to xylophone bread. The texture is a bit hard and dense, so it’s a mandatory dish before Ramadan.

  1. Nasi Ayam

If in Jogja there is nasi gudeg, in Solo there is nasi liwet, then in Semarang there is nasi ayam. This rice with yellow opor sauce is complemented by sweet pumpkin vegetables, shredded free-range chicken and eggs, tofu, and crackers with special spices. You can also choose additional side dishes such as egg satay, intestine satay, and other chicken parts such as breast, thigh, and wings. The coconut milk and spices make this nasi ayam delicious and undeniably delicious.

  1. Wedang Tahu

This unique cuisine is perfect for those of you who are hunting for a warm and refreshing drink. Wedang tofu is made from a mixture of brown sugar, ginger, and beancurd from soybean juice. The taste of this wedang tofu tends to be sweet and warm.

In addition, wedang tofu is believed to benefit health, such as lowering high blood pressure, improving metabolism, lowering cholesterol, and not making a hole in the pocket because the price is very affordable!

Vacation is more than just the food; it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Semarang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.