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5 Best Cybersecurity Strategies That You Should Be Aware Of

Cybercriminals give companies a hard time when dealing with the problem of a data security breach. Nevertheless, the problem of hacking affects one and all and hence, the strategies to tackle hackers are the same for companies from all business sectors. If you carefully follow the tips and tricks suggested by experts and implement them, you will end up hardening the security of your assets from hackers. So, what are the strategies that are being talked about so passionately? If interested in learning about them, just keep reading the guide below.

  1. Protect IoT Devices

The first thing you should know when cybersecurity is in question is, IoT devices can be hacked as much as computers because every device that is connected to the web is a computer in itself. And hence, you must password protect all of them to keep them safe from hackers.

  1. Identify Trouble Areas

Finding out the most vulnerable areas of a company help in finding out better solutions to fend off cyber attacks. The areas that remain most sensitive and vulnerable to exploitation include the following.

  • Backdoor password
  • Bugs in the software and firmware
  • Surveillance security cameras
  • The DVR system of the company

Identifying which one of these areas requires maximum attention helps in dealing with the vulnerabilities that are mostly exploited by hackers.

  1. Generate Passwords Smartly

Generating 1 strong password to guard the DVR backdoor is not sufficient. Instead, the devices that are connected to the DVR work as computers themselves – they’re all internet regulated. Therefore, generate a strong password for each individual device for better security. It ensures that even if the hackers somehow end up breaching the backdoor password of the DVR, they still do not get an entry in all the devices. If nothing else, this strategy will minimize the damage.

  1. Hire Ethical Hackers

Sometimes having ethical hackers in your cybersecurity team ends up making all the difference when the deciding moment comes. These white hat hackers can identify creepy and hidden bugs, help in keeping the codes clean, and if need be, even recovering the hacked websites quickly.

  1. Use Conventional Security Tools

The 2 conventional security tools that are the very essence of keeping your devices safe from spear phishing, malware, and viruses are given below.

  • Antivirus software
  • Firewall configuration

Whilst on one hand, firewall works as a barrier between your system and the other side of the internet, antivirus software, on the other hand, is a filtering tool that can identify hidden viruses in devices, websites, emails, and links. Thus, having them both will make your company less susceptible to hacking.