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5 Culinary Spot with Picturesque Vibes in Bandung

Bandung and culinary are only two things that can’t be separated. Natural attractions are now becoming a mainstay of the city of Bandung. This makes the culinary industry also growing. In Bandung, Lembang is one of the locations that have. Delicious cuisine as well as the largest organic venue. Find a variety of exciting information about cool places to eat in Lembang Bandung below.

  1. Gubug Makan Mang Engking

Since Bandung is a Sundanese speaking city, you should stop by a Sundanese restaurant. In Lembang, there is Mang Engking which specifically promotes Sundanese cuisine. Several menus such as rice lead, liwet rice, grilled fish, mortar spiced carp, sauteed kale, and karedok are all here. For those of you who like spicy food, natural chili sauce is a mandatory food. Eating Sundanese food without chili sauce is like vegetables without salt.

Here are various kinds of chili sauce that you can try, such as chili paste, soy sauce, onions, celery, and tomatoes. As the food offered here is quite large, this area is much more comfortable to visit, for example with friends or family. This Sundanese restaurant not only provides delicious food but also provides a nice view. In addition, its location near Mount Putri makes the atmosphere in this restaurant quite trendy.

  1. Tafso Barn

As per the standard of Sundanese restaurants in Bandung, we are now moving to some of the more modern dining establishments. In Bandung, you will find a place to enjoy strikes with a beautiful view. As the name implies, at Tafso Barn, you will really feel the experience of eating like in a warehouse. Located in the highlands, the restaurant area makes you close to nature. You can see many shady trees which spoil your own eyes.

You can even observe the hills from above. Besides that, you can even feel the cool atmosphere of the city of Bandung. For all those who can’t stand the cold to prepare thick clothes or bring a jacket. At night, the beautiful lights make the scene even more interesting.

The street lit by the car lights is also the main attraction for dining establishments in Bandung. The food offered here is different. You will find traditional Indonesian cuisine as well as Japanese and Western food.

  1. Anteng Slope

The favorite dining place in Bandung, which has a beautiful view, is located next to Tafso Barn. This location can also be found in the highlands of Bandung and is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. At high altitudes, you can enjoy views of the super busy city of Bandung. At night, the view is even more amazing as the lights illuminate the streets like fireflies. Apart from the surrounding scenery, the area on the Anteng Slope is also very instagramable.

Therefore, if you like capturing moments on social media, this place is perfect for you. At Lereng Anteng, it’s fun to hang out while relaxing. However, if you are hungry, they also sell many different foods from heavy to light snacks.

  1. Imah Seniman

Want to feel the sensation of eating in the forest? If so, Imah Seniman is the perfect location for you to test. This is because the restaurant is in the middle of shady and cool trees. If you enter this restaurant, you will be greeted with a welcome greeting, “Welcome to the Forest” because their restaurant motto is sleeping in the lake, eating in the forest. “Even though you are in the forest, you will feel a trendy and comfortable atmosphere.

You will not find lions or tigers roaming around, so take it easy. In addition, some inns surround the lake, which is no less beautiful. In the morning you will be greeted with voices. Green and refreshing water views. Of course delicious Sundanese specialties, various menus are suitable for consumption alone or with family.

  1. Sapu Lidi Resto

If you feel the sensation of eating in the forest when you stop by Imah Artist at Sapu Lidi you will really feel the feeling of eating from the middle of the rice fields. You can feel a bit of a calm rural atmosphere when you enter here. Because Bandung has become a modern city, Sapu Lidi can be an alternative if you want to enjoy the taste of going back to a time where rice fields were still abundant.

At first you will find similarities between Sapu Lidi and Imah Artist, because it turns out that the owner is the same person. However, the two regions in Bandung have their own characteristics. The food offered here focuses on Sundanese specialties. However, other types of food can also be sold here.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.