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5 Items Every Hot wife Needs

Looking to add some unique flavor to your cuckold or hotwife adventures? Perhaps there is something you once saw in one of the hotwife captions online that you want to try. We have just the right advice for you to make sure you spice up, kink up, and pleasure up your cuckold experience. We put together a list of 5 items that every hotwife needs in her bag of tricks.

5 Items Every Hotwife Needs

It is always good to go into anything prepared, and if you’re looking for an adventure of a night that will leave all of you full of ecstasy and having the ultimate pleasure experience, then you need to make sure you have these items in your bag:

  • Sexy Lingerie. Every woman needs sexy lingerie to kink up the night and make them feel good. Men are visual and love to see their women in lingerie.
  • Vibrator. A Vibrator of some kind, whether it be a wand, bullet or rabbit, it can help to add extra pleasure, helping to relax you and relieve any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.
  • Cock Ring. This is always a good stimulant to have on hand for the men, especially if it’s a vibrating cock ring.
  • Chastity Belt. If you’re into femdom as part of your cuckold experience, then getting a male chastity belt or even one for yourself will bring a pleasurable kinky aspect to the night.
  • BDSM Accessories. It’s good to have a small BDSM kit, even if you’re only into the mild stuff. These really add a massive turn on in the BDSM style cuckolding adventures.

How to be the Best Hotwife and Turn Your Cuckold on Bigtime

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to be the best hotwife and turn your cuckold on big time so all of you have a night of unimaginable ecstasy.

  • Be confident. Do what it takes to display your confidence, if wearing sexy lingerie does that for you, then do dress up.
  • Be adventurous. Using items such as sex toys, or other accessories or apparatus can add some adventure and allow all of you to try new things during your cuckold date.
  • Plan well. Yes, you want most of the evening to go with the flow and have a level of spontaneity and excitement, but you also don’t want to sit there without knowing what to do next. Having an idea of positions, acts, toys etc that you want to include in the night, will be beneficial to you.

Joining a cuckold club is a great idea to get some new ideas, read up on fantasies fulfilled, watch videos for research etc. You will even find some funny hotwife captions to make your day or share with your friends.