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5 Sites to Convert PUB Files to PDF Online and Free

5 Sites to Convert PUB Files to PDF Online and Free

Today we are going to review the best 5 sites to convert PUB files to PDF online and for free. So, every time you need to convert a file in Microsoft Publisher format to PDF, you can be sure that you can do it by opening your browser, and without having to download or install any type of software. Some of these portals can also convert PUB files to other formats, not just PDF, while some sites also allow you to multi-convert. But let’s see what these 5 platforms are.

1. Online2PDF.com

If you have already read some of our guides in the past, Online2PDF.com shouldn’t sound new to you: several times we have written about the great potential of this portal which, among the many options, also allows you to convert PUB files to PDF online and for free. And then Online2PDF.com is full of many interesting options: for example, it allows you to convert up to 20 PUB files at the same time, and to set the page range for each single PUB file that you decide to convert to PDF. What’s more, you can also merge all converted PUBs into a single PDF file. Finally, you can even add passwords to protect your outgoing PDFs as well as other goodies like footer headers. However, you will have to respect a maximum size of 100 MB.

2. Convert Publisher to PDF

The second site to convert PUB files to PDF online and for free that we will see today is Convert Publisher to PDF: a platform of great quality, which will allow you to convert only one PUB at a time, but with different arrows in its bow. And that’s why it’s one of our favorite sites: Convert Publisher to PDF allows you to upload PUB files of any size, without importing any stakes in MB. So, if you need to convert a huge PUB file to PDF, thanks to this site you can do it without getting hurt. Once you have uploaded your file and started the conversion operations, just wait a few seconds and then click on the link that the platform will provide you.

3. AnyConv

AnyConv is an excellent alternative to the sites for converting PUB to PDF that we have seen previously: indeed, it is nothing short of a fantastic alternative. Why do we say this? Because AnyConv allows you to upload up to 60 files at a time and convert them in real time, automatically. And once the site has converted your files, it will even let you preview them. Then you can download all PDF files simultaneously in a ZIP file or individually, as you prefer.

4. OnlineConvert.com

OnlineConvert.com is also used to our guides: this platform, in fact, is a sort of universal converter that allows you to convert any type of file, text, image, audio, video and so on. And it’s also capable of converting PUB files to PDF, of course, also via cloud platforms like DropBox and Google Drive. Using it is very simple: you just have to load the file, determine the output format and click Convert. Its interface is in fact very simple and immediate, but you can upload PDF files of up to 100 MB.

5. Convert PUB to PDF Online

The last site on our list is Convert PUB to PDF Online: the simplest site on our list, as it allows you to convert only one PUB at a time and without any apparent barrier in terms of maximum file size. This is the easiest site to use.