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6 Reasons Why Should You Pick Glass Over Plastic Chair Mats

Don’t you hate when you find your office floor replete with scratches?

Let’s put it simply. Office furniture casters wreck the floorings and your beloved carpets. Now when you are thinking about saving money, you might want to get mats for your chairs.

If you’re confused about picking the best between plastic and glass chair mats, read on to resolve your dilemma!


Hands down, glass mats win the case when it comes to the appearance of your office furniture rugs. The sleek and glossy finish of these protective floor coverings will enhance the appeal of your interiors while safeguarding your ground. Additionally, it’s very convenient to clean too through a spray-and-swipe mechanism using a cleaner and cloth.

Plastic chair mats, on the other hand, will start developing a yellow tint over prolonged usage. Even if you try to clean the surface, the discolored area will remain the same.

Easy Adaptability

Whether you need your mats in a round shape or oval figure, the glass options are highly customizable for your preference. From back-painting in your favorite color to a digital design, you can achieve any look in your caster protections.

At the same time, the plastic chair mats avail you of a basic rectangle or round option for customizing the structure. Usually, you will get your mat choices in the form of a bubbling structure and a plain surface.

Sliding and Rolling

Don’t you hate it when your mat crumbles under pressure? Or when you move your chairs?

The sliding problem exists with plastic mats only. These protective bases aren’t heavy enough to stay intact in one place. From rolling up against the wall to curving, the vinyl rugs will get deformed very easily.


Whether you’ve hardwood flooring or stone office base, the glass surfaces offer an ergonomic solution against mat creep. Additionally, you can easily use these for a really long time without the edges rolling in.

Note: If you want to toughen your glass mats further, you can add heat treatment to make them even more robust.


Through denting, curving, and bubbling, the plastic mat covers bring down the style element of your office decor. Moreover, while moving your chairs, the created friction can be even more uncomfortable. On top of this, you will have to purchase mats of different thicknesses and sizes on the basis of the floor type.

The glass cover mat will be your all-surface friend from caster protection. In fact, these protective bases have a high tolerance for weight as well.

  1. Cost

Plastic chair mats cost significantly less than glass chair bases. However, on comparing the usage duration, you will understand that the one-time cost for glass mats will reward you better in the long run.

The vinyl bases will wear out more quickly than the glass alternative. Contrastingly, the glass chair mats will last you as long as your office exists. (With the same lustrous appeal!)

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right mat for your office flooring can be a bit tricky, especially if you consider the cost. However, upon comparing both options, glass chair mats clearly stand out in terms of offering higher returns on your investment.

So, if you wish to have a rich appearance in your office space without any ‘mat creeping,’ glass bases are your best bet!