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6 ways to burn down stubborn body fat at home

Working out in the home is the new normal, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. If you earlier thought that working from home is elite compared to travelling to and fro from your office every day, amid the traffic, you must have started to feel the brunt of it now. 

If you have been spending long hours on your desk at home, including eating on your desk because you can’t skip the virtual meeting, you must be starting to notice the fat gain around your tummy and hips. If the “new normal” is taking a toll on your physical health, you need to start working out.

Before you start ranting about how you’re too busy to join a gym, let us tell you that you can do a cardio workout at home to deal with your stubborn fat. You don’t have to go through the hassles of driving to the gym and finding a space to park your car, which would probably exhaust you more to do a workout. 

With a cardio workout at home, you can say goodbye to the excess fat in your body and reveal the new, slender you hiding in plain sight. If you want to know how to do a cardio workout at home, let us show you some quick and easy exercises which do not require any gym equipment. 

  1. Knee down push-ups: Start with the position of a regular push-up and perform the push-up. Kick your right knee towards your core and squeeze your abs when you get back to the start position. This workout will develop your core muscles.
  2. Star jumps: Start by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and squat down a bit with your hands on your feet. Explode up like a star and keep your back and head straight while doing so. This fun workout increases the strength and endurance of your body.
  3. Jumping lunges: Start by kneeling and put your right leg back on your toes. Your body should be straight. As you dip down, bring both your feet together before repeating the same process with the alternate leg. This workout helps build your glutes.
  4. Single leg hip thrust: Lie down on your back with your hands by your side. Raise one leg while maintaining balance with your hands and your other leg, which the knees should bend, and slightly raise your hips too. Alternate between your legs. This workout will give you toned hips and abs.
  5. Cross lunge combo: Take a big step forward, lower yourself into a lunge across your body. Alternate between your legs. This workout is great for your glutes and hamstrings.
  6. Frog jumps: Just as it sounds, you simply have to jump with both your legs like a frog while keeping your palms pressed to each other, like a prayer pose. 

These are some simple cardio workouts at home that won’t consume much of your time. However, with a proper diet to be followed and maintaining consistency during your workout, you can achieve a killer body.