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Addiction and Work-Related Stress: What Is the Connection?

Addiction and Stress: What’s The Connection?

Because of a multitude of reasons, people may begin using drugs and substances. The inability to handle stress in constructive ways is a major factor. They may resort to drinking or drugs if they can’t handle stress effectively. Drug and alcohol abuse may develop when individuals take these drugs for recreational purposes.     

Stress at Work and Substance Abuse

Certain professions are physically and mentally taxing. Dangerous occupations, such as firefighting, may exacerbate stress-related health issues by increasing the risk of injury or death. It is also demanding for such people to work late or evening shifts, inhibiting workers from getting enough rest. Workplace burnout and drug abuse are possibilities due to too much pressure.

Working with ill people regularly puts doctors and nurses at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse problem. Regularly, nurses must deal with grumpy patients while physicians are swamped with appointments. The consequence is a combination of stress and drug misuse.

Signs That You Have Burnout

If you’re suffering from job exhaustion, there are several ways to alleviate your strain. It is important to know if you are overworked.  The following are some of the signs that you might be suffering from work-related stress: 

  1. Working in an environment where you don’t feel energized; 
  2. Being discontent with your present workplace;  
  3. Often neglecting work; being easily irritated by colleagues, supervisors, or clientele at work;
  4. Considering changing jobs or retiring.

Determine the root of your stress and exhaustion. Stress is a general phrase that encompasses a wide variety of feelings. You must recognize your own sentiments to understand what’s going on. Do you feel overburdened, undervalued, or under pressure? If you know what is causing your stress, you can take steps to alleviate it. The spiral of stress and addiction may be broken by effectively managing burnout.

Addiction and Abuse of Drugs at Work

In most cases, people addicted to drugs maintain their use of drugs a secret from their employers and colleagues, despite certain warning signs. People who take drugs at work may behave in ways that are quite different from those of their colleagues. They may avoid or wrongly blame friends and colleagues for their mistakes. People who use drugs are likelier to have poor personal hygiene or appearance, grieve over broken family ties, and take time out of work for undefined illnesses or personal concerns. The first step to rehabilitation is to recognize the warning signs of addiction.

Managing Stress and Addiction at The Mallard Lake Detox Center 

People who use drugs or alcohol to deal with employment-related stress and can’t seem to quit can get help from addiction specialists. At Houston’s Mallard Lake Detox Center, we understand that burnout can lead to addiction. Addiction therapy that focuses on developing effective coping strategies is what we offer. To help you deal with whatever the world throws at you, we also offer a wide range of treatments that promote a positive attitude and emotional awareness. To know something about our addiction treatment, please contact Mallard Lake right away.