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Advantages of using an online pharmacy.

Every second Pole decides to shop online. No wonder, because it is quick, convenient and in most cases – more economical than the traditional method. The situation is no different from online pharmacies. They are taking the pharmaceutical market by storm and are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

10 Benefits of buying from an online pharmacy

  1. Rich assortment. Online pharmacies have a very wide range of over-the-counter medical devices, i.e. with the OCT availability category. You can choose not only dietary supplements supporting the proper functioning of the body, but also dermo-cosmetics, hygiene products, and even medical and rehabilitation equipment.
  2. Prescription drugs with point delivery. It is worth clarifying the information given above and thus dealing with one of the myths about online pharmacies. Prescription drugs cannot be ordered for home delivery. However, they can be ordered online with delivery to a stationary facility. Then we collect the ordered medicine at the point and present the prescription.
  3. The solution in the case of hardly available drugs. We don’t have to go to the pharmacy to hear that the drug is available only on request. Orders can be placed immediately, without undue delay. There is no need to visit several stationary points in search of one drug. Everything can be ordered in the same place without leaving your home.
  4. Financial savings. Medicines available at an on-line pharmacy are in most cases cheaper than in stationary pharmacies. This is a significant benefit from an economic point of view. Additionally, we can expect more promotions and regular newsletters informing about internet discounts and interesting occasions.
  5. Save time. Online shopping in pharmacies also saves time and is very convenient. Thanks to the availability of truck loads of Shipping providers on platforms like Shiply, delivery of online medicine has become super easy.
  6. More time to think. At the same time, we gain time to think about choosing the right product. We can carefully analyze the available assortment, compare individual products, their composition and prices. We have time to read what other consumers think and make an informed choice. This is a good way to avoid stockpiling and impulse purchases.
  7. The online pharmacy is a good solution for people who have problems with moving around and reaching the stationary point could be a problem for them.
  8. Maximum discretion. Shopping in an online pharmacy is also a solution for people who are ashamed to talk about their ailments.
  9. Opportunity to talk to a consultant. It is not true that shopping in an on-line pharmacy is associated with the lack of contact with a specialized pharmacist. Professional online pharmacies have their hotlines and convenient on-line forms, providing the possibility of obtaining expert advice.
  • Allowed returns.In stationary pharmacies, returns are not honoured, regardless of the type of product purchased. In turn, under consumer law, we can withdraw from the contract and return the purchase without giving any reason within 10 days of receiving the shipment.

The specificity of the functioning of an internet pharmacy

The operation of the Internet pharmacy is possible provided that you have the appropriate authorizations issued by the offices of the State Pharmaceutical Inspection. This institution controls and supervises the appropriate operation of both online pharmacies and its stationary points.

In the case of a pharmacy operating on the Internet, it is necessary to create stationary pharmacies or pharmacy points under its control, in which, among other things, it will be possible to fill a prescription and collect an order placed online.

A mail-order pharmacy must have the appropriate permits and licenses to sell drugs, which must be notified to customers on its website. Checking online pharmacies through the appropriate offices is a guarantee of reliable and effective purchases.

Economization of money

It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that now online pharmacies, the very dynamically developing sector of online pharmacies and the simple accessibility of price comparison websites force competitive prices.

Funds can be purchased via the Internet at an extremely attractive price, usually lower than in classic pharmacies, frequent promotions, codes and discount coupons for specific funds are a real treat for the so-called “Price hunters”, employees of online pharmacies constantly watch over the attractiveness of prices because they are also people and they know very well that you always have an idea on what to spend the saved cash.

To sum up, if the most important thing for us is a face-to-face conversation with a pharmacist and the quick availability of the agent, the best choice is to buy it in a stationary pharmacy. If, however, the goal is a small price – it will be an online pharmacy.