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Avram Grant Suggests Ways You Can Become A Successful Philanthropist


Becoming a philanthropist sounds daunting but it can actually be very easy. It is not really all about how much money you have to give away, becoming a philanthropist is within reach of everyone. After you realize how much fun and worthwhile it is to be a philanthropist you are going to want to share that with everybody. The humanitarian philanthropist Avram Grant has some interesting advice for those who aspire to return to the society through their philanthropy. 


Giving Back to the Society – Advice For the Parents 

Growing up we are taught the importance of giving back and caring for those who have less than we do. Avram Grant is a firm believer that acts of philanthropy must be inculcated in your child from inception. The philanthropist suggests thatparents must start inculcating this in their children from a very young. Children must be taught to be kind since acts of kindness are the beginning of philanthropy. Then from there you and your child could find a cause that is of interest to the child and you and work on something together. It is a great bonding experience and gives you and your child the much needed vision and cause to support.  

Philanthropy is Beyond Just Wealth 

Philanthropy is often mistakento be just the uberwealthy giving back to the uber-poor, however, there is way more levels of it. You could donate even if you don’t havespare couple of dollars, you can contribute in the form of time, or vices such as kindness. You can start by giving available time, imparting knowledge and when you have the resources you can give that. Resources and money does matter but an hour or two either a week or a month is the beginning of the journey. This journey is very rewarding and it goes without saying that when you give you get. 

Importance of Visibility

We see celebrities donating every day and see them in all kinds of scenarios with philanthropy. Celebrities can bring a lot of visibility to an organization that they are donating to and it is needed. Visibility is important because when you are not known people won’t be drawn to you. They are billionaires that come together and give so much money and that is quite impactful. Even though they have so much money, it is a very basic thing that they can help influence a cause that means something to them. Every now and then we see celebrities and socialites coming together for a cause and donating their way into it. Such acts encourage others to contribute as well while also creating awareness. 

It also gives the organization the much needed credibility along with publicity. If a famous person’s name is attached to an organization its reliability increases and thus people feel safe while donating. 

How Is Philanthropy Rewarding?

It is not a selfish thing but there is a reward on the other end for the philanthropist as well. As a philanthropist you feel good and when you feel good that is fulfilling. Through giving wecan improve this world, make it a better place and see our goals being achieved. If we have a vision we can work towards that vision and philanthropy is for everyone, the millennials, the retirees and the empty nesters. 

Parting Words 

According to the philanthropist Avram Grant your life significantly changes by getting involved in charities. Everyone has something that they can offer and it is important that you recognize what you can offer and how it aligns with your goals. If you are going to give then make sure you have positive expectation of what that person or organization is going to do with the donation. The philanthropist also notes that the secret to philanthropy is to do it humbly. 

Act of charity should be done in the most humble way and not in a condescending way and while doing so you should never look down upon anyone.