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Best Online Poker Games You Should Give a Try

You might be someone who has already had a clear idea of how to play poker. Or you may not even have any idea of what type of a game it is. Either way, if you’re trying to become a better poker player, this is high time you get to know how to play poker online, especially if you’re trying to play poker for real money.

Just as the variety of RagingBull games, there are also different types of online poker games that you should try to master in order to become a successful player. Now that you’re not sure about the best online poker games, here’s help for you.

  • Texas Hold’em

There’s a saying that one doesn’t need more than 5 minutes to learn this game called Texas Hold’em. While that is true, it is also true that you may need a lifetime to master the art of this game and increase your winning odds. This is possibly the most famous card game in the whole universe and in case you’re new to card games, don’t worry about learning this as it is easy-to-learn.

  • Seven Card Stud

This is a card game that was pretty popular in the USA. However, currently, its popularity has been surpassed by more exciting and faster variants like No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Nevertheless, if slower games with betting limits are among your preferences, you should definitely try Seven Card Stud. The card rankings are placed upside down.

  • Pot Limit Omaha

One more variation of poker games is Pot Limit Omaha and it promises you maximum entertainment and high returns. Europeans and other high stake players love this variation of poker because it is filled with tons of action and thrills. In terms of popularity, Pot Limit Omaha is second to No-Limit Hold’em. The maximum bet you can place is equal to what you have in the pot.

  • Razz

The rules you have to follow for playing Razz are almost similar to that of Seven Card stud. Hence, if you know how to play this game, you’ll definitely find it easier to play the game, Razz. This is a card game but it is a lowball game. The card and the hand rankings are all placed upside down.

  • 2-7 Triple Draw

As you’ve tried playing low hand games like Razz and Omaha Hi Lo, you should try this one as this is the best lowball game of poker. This game uses blinds but there are no community cards. 2-7 Triple Draw is a rather too simple game and in order to boost your chances of winning the game, you need to master the basic methods of playing the game.

Therefore, if you wish to become a popular online poker player, make sure you are aware of how you should play the above listed games. As they are the most popular poker games, mastering them will mean a brighter fortune.