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Black Obsidian Is a Healing Crystal Than One Can Wears As Jewelry


Obsedian occurs naturally and is volcanic glass. It is produced when lava blown from a volcano cools quickly with minimum growth of crystal. Obsidian is usually found within the boundaries of rhyolitic lava flows referred to as ‘obsidian flows’, where the configuration chemically of high silica content that induces a high thickness and polymerization degree of the lava.


What does obsidian mean? It means protection, curing diseases, and healing a person mentally and physically. It is a cleanser that is powerful and purifier of a person’s psychic haze that is often formedin one’s aura. This makes the stone a crystal that is a strong psychic protection.


Black obsidian has the capacity to heal any hurts from back in the past as well as emotions that are negative. When an individual continues to carry the pain from the past, they often are not able to move on and learn from this experience to become the person they were meant to be. Black obsidian helps with this healing of past pain so a person can finally reach the place where theycanbe free of pain and at peace with themselves.


Black obsidian grips negativity, thus helping an individual to get rid of thoughts that are selfish as well as selfish intentions, and giving the individuals the gift of foresight. With negativity pushed back, the person will be able to make better decisions that will help for them to move on and grow. ​

For Physical Health 

Black obsidian improves digestive health and has a detoxifying outcome on the body. If an individual feels like their life has reached a mesa – either they are not improving or in in a placethey don’t want to be. But gaining the assistances of black obsidian will help them to finally move forward.