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Bring the Best Frenchi Dog In Your House

The wrinkles in the French Bulldog came from the English bulldog, but it is believed that they were created on purpose, because the bulldog was used to fight with bulls, with the sole purpose of tenderizing the meat, these wrinkles would have been developed so that the blood would not fall into his eyes if he were injured.

This appearance that he has today appeared around 1880, an appearance that was developed by merchants, butchers and wine merchants, from then on the French bulldog was quickly known by bourgeois, artists and the whole working class.

It is said that the first Frenchie bulldog had its first appearance in 1896 during the Westminster Kennel Club Show; the public was delighted with him and nicknamed him Frenchie as he is still known today, after 1989, and an exhibition was organized exclusive for dogs of this breed.

How is the health of a French bulldog?

The health of this dog is relatively good, as already mentioned above; the French bulldog is a brachycephalic dog due to his rather flat snout he suffers from breathing, unable to make the exchange of heat and cooling.

Cares with this detail are essential for it to stay well, we have listed above in this same article, some very important cares that you will have to take with your French bulldog, the cares for sure will always keep him well.

We can still say that he is a dog that is prone to having eye problems, problems that can get worse if not treated, it is very important that he does periodic examinations and monitoring your health in general with a veterinarian you trust. All dogs have disease characteristics in their genetics, and the French bulldog is no different and may have some diseases too, but when well cared for he can avoid a quiet life by your side without major problems.

See the most common diseases of this breed:

  • Eye problems
  • Falls
  • Breath
  • Deformations of eyelashes
  • Entropion

How is the behavior of the French bulldog?

The behavior of this breed is very agitated, a Frenchie dog that likes a lot of games and also a lot of attention from its owner although he has this agitated side, and this does not mean that he will accompany you on great adventures, this is not his forte.

Too affectionate, both with its owners as well as with children it is a dog that will always be wanting attention, they hate to be alone for them the separation may not be very pleasant and he can demonstrate with many mischief.