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Car Accident Settlement in California- How Much to Expect

Car accidents are common causes of personal injury claims. In case you, friend or any relative is injured in a car accident in California, you might be eligible for the compensation. The injured victims are entitled to compensation for the damages. There is no rule for the calculation of the car accident claim. The victim can secure compensation for economic and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. However, the value of these types of damages varies from one case to another. 

Types of Damages

In case you have a question in mind that what is the value of my car accident lawsuit? You would need to consult an experienced attorney. Spanish Speakers:  Abogado de accidentes de auto en San Diego, California – Abogados 24/7 can help you in the right manner. The experts would help you with the types of damages for which you can claim. The list of such damages includes

  • Economic Damages

The most common economic damages in the car accident include the repair or replacement cost of the vehicle and medical expenses of the claimant’s injuries. The claimant needs to produce all the evidence of the claimed economic damages. When the claimant provides proof, the court ensures that the plaintiffs receive compensation for all the economic damages. For example, if a claimant sustained $12,000 in the medical expenses and $6,000 in vehicle repairing, the total economic damage recovery would be $18,000. 

Car accidents might result in injury that leads to off from the work for an extended time. The person can claim for the lost wages as well. For instance, if the person lost the wages of four weeks just because of the car accident injuries, then the victim can reasonably claim for the wages of those four weeks as economic damages. 

In case the injury caused due to car accident prevents the victim from working in the future, the victim might qualify for the lost earning potential compensation. The financial expert can testify the lost future earnings of the plaintiff so that the court can understand the scope of the accident’s economic impact on the plaintiff. 


  • Non-Economic Damages


Calculating the economic damages such as vehicle repair cost, lost income, and medical expenses is relatively simple. All that plaintiff lost due to the action of the defendant, the defendant would pay for that economic damages. However, it is difficult to calculate the non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. The justice system permits the plaintiffs to recover the compensation for the mental anguish, physical pain as well as emotional sufferings. 

There are different systems to calculate the compensation for pain and suffering. In many cases, the jury would multiply the economic damages of the plaintiffs by a specific amount to reflect the degree of the victim’s injuries to arrive at an appropriate figure of compensation. For example, if the victim suffered severe injuries that required extensive treatment as well as long recovery time, the jury might multiply the cost of the medical expenses either by two or three to arrive at a reasonable amount of compensation for pain and suffering. 

Another option to calculate the pain and suffering compensation is the use of the per diem system. According tothe per diem system, a specific amount is paid to the plaintiff each day until he or she reaches the maximum possible recovery. For example, a jury might decide that victim deserves the compensation of $200 each day that he/she spends in the recovery. After 90 days, the doctor of the plaintiff determines that he/she is at the maximum medical recoveryresulting in $18,000 compensation.  

The actual value of the car accident claim might be higher than a claimant expects initially. Therefore, it is essential to consult a reputed personal injury attorney. You can contact Nakase Law Firm for your case and get valuable advice.