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Do I Need To Be An Expert In Sports Bets?

No, you don’t have to be familiar with the sport you bet on to make money. There are indeed several sports betting techniques, some better and more reliable than others:

Bet on your favorite club: a very risky method, clearly

  • The Sbobet88 betting on the favorite in each match: a method that may seem interesting but will bring you little profit (because the favorite has very low odds). You might even have losses.
  • Bet on the outsider in each match (Imagine having bet 10 euros on Marion Bartle for Wimbledon 2013, you would have walked away with 8,090 euros)

Practice sure bet

  • Follow reliable tipsters and copy their bets, for example DD Prognostics or Benoit Trenton.
  • Use history and statistics to predict the outcome (e.g. Paris SG has never lost 3 games in a row in 15 years)

Is it possible to live from sports betting?

It is very difficult to be able to live from it, but it is not impossible. For example: Pierre, the manager of the 350 euros sports betting program, lives off his bets himself.

This requires a lot of perseverance and having a professional approach to the subject, i.e. betting on as many results as possible, analyzing the matches beforehand, and only making bets that respect a certain logic (rather than betting on Marseille because it is your favorite club, bet on your opponent if the statistics and the form of this one are favorable).

If you are just starting out, you probably won’t dare to bet more than $ 10 per outcome, and more than 3 or 4 outcomes per day. This is obviously not the way you will be able to make a living from your sports betting, but if you do well, and luck is on your side, you can hope to improve your ends of the month.

Lots of people on the internet claim to make a living from sports betting. But don’t be fooled  : most of the time, these people don’t live off their own prognoses, if not selling them to other people (via a subscription system, or payment by prognosis) or else commissions on the registrations of their readers to sports betting sites. Beware of these people or “FIXED” bets, scams are commonplace.

Is it possible to lose everything?

Betting on a sporting result is an investment. You do not control all the variables, and above all you have absolutely no influence on the end result. Like any investment, this therefore entails significant risks.

Even spending hours analyzing players, teams, horses, their latest results, or even statistics, you cannot predict the outcome; because in the end it is the athletes who decide on the pitch. Those who promise you 1000% sure results will rip you off (the famous “FIXED “bets, we’ll have time to talk about it again).

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Betting on the outcome of a match can be quite exciting. In a few hours, we can know if we have won money or if we have lost it. And then we’ll start over. It may seem like a game at first, but make no mistake about it. Only people with a methodical approach are able to win in sports betting in the long run. You have to be willing to invest a certain amount (if you want the gains to be significant), be ready for black and positive streaks, and be persistent.