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Don’t Be Over-Dressed Or Under-Dressed, Wear That Mini Dress

You must have heard the famous saying, “fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” This is one of the most relatable pieces of advice for fashion enthusiasts. Style is all about following trends and keeping on experimenting with clothes. Wearing suitable dresses enhances your beauty and boosts your inner confidence too.

According to the on going trends, short and stylish dresses are in vogue. Some people may not be comfortable while wearing short and tight dresses. However, stepping out of your comfort zone is equal to growth in fashion. Mini dresses are often stereotyped as flirty and inappropriate. If you choose the right clothes and know-how to carry them, it makes you look elegant.

Few Rules To Follow While Wearing A Dress

One cannot just pick any kind of short dress and expect to make a statement look. You need to know about your body, your type and the kind of dress that will suit you. Following are some of the essential rules to follow while wearing short dresses:

  • Proper Fitting Of The Dress

The sizes and measurements on the dress I kept for a reason. Being comfortable is also significant while being fashionable. For this the correct size and proper fitting of the dress are essential. Loose-fitting, as well as tight-fitting clothes can be problematic for your overall look.

  • Colour And Pattern Of The Dress

Another thing to look out for is whether the design and color combination of the dress goes with your complexion or not. The choice of the color combination depends upon whether you want to look bold or decent. Moreover, the pattern on the dress can impact the visual of your body size.

  • Know Your Body Type

There are several body types such as pear, hourglass, etc. Knowing your body shape and kind is the key to pulling off a mini dress look. The overall look increases manifold when you are comfortable in your dressing.

  • Accessorize Your Dress

Accessorizing just short dresses with stockings and high seas can be a quite statement look. Stockings create funkiness, and high heels increase elegance. Furthermore, you can wear your dress with a matching belt or jewelry.


Apart from all the reasons and rules, one essential must always be remembered- Be comfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone does not mean being uncomfortable and weird. You are the owner of your body. Don’t follow trends blindly and choose your mini dress wisely.