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Find a florist in Singapore with a passion for crafting gorgeous blooms

Online Flower Shop Mays Flower Shop is a celebration of flowers and the beauty of love all around us. Online flower shops bring together the freshest flowers and hand-crafted gifts to help you celebrate the things that matter most. If you’re looking for flower delivery, we’ve got fresh ideas and expert florists across the country. Their professional florists will be happy to help you create a beautiful floral bouquet or unique floral arrangement. Find a florist in Singapore with a passion for crafting gorgeous blooms. 

Choose flowers with quality

When choosing flowers online, quality is important. Look for full blooms that have been hand-pollinated and sorted by size, color, and quality (for example, comparing white, dark green, pink, and purple will help you choose the best). If you are growing indoor flowers, you may need to hand-pollinate each plant. The faster this process is completed, the faster your flowers will be ready for shipping. Online Flower Shop provides you with the best quality of flowers.

Choose high-quality packaging

The essential quality that you can get from an online flower shop is the packaging. Choose well-made, heavy-duty boxes made from thick, durable material. Choose boxes that are thick enough to protect the flowers from extreme weather events (snow and rain) but not so thick that they feel like they’re going to break when you shake them. Boxes tailored to hold all of your products, including loose flower arrangements, neatly in one spot.

Choose high-quality papers, stickers, and containers to give your flowers the best chance at blooming. Choose discreet packaging that won’t draw attention to your items.

The smaller the package, the easier it is for flowers to move around once you receive them, so try to limit your options to something relatively small.

Browse all options.

One of the difficulties of online flower ordering is the number of companies offering services. How can you decide which one to choose? You can’t simply go with the website that has the most ads. The best way is to present all available options and ask you a few important questions: What is the price range? Is there any discount code or offer I could earn? Is there any customer service on the phone? If so, how often and what types of responses are available? If not, beware as most companies will not offer you a lower price once you have spent several hundred dollars on flowers. Most importantly, look at the photos on the website.