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Floating Market Bandung: Enjoyable Thailand Vibe

Floating Market Lembang Bandung, called Pasar Apung Lembang’ in Bahasa Indonesia, is a brilliant, lively, and modern appeal in the North of Bandung. Though I spent annually in Bandung, I saw this gorgeous market with weekly excursions to Lembang just once with my folks. This Bandung floating market is very like its counterpart in Thailand, although considerably smaller. It’s possible to find vendors selling things out of their lovely adorable boats on a vast water body at the center of this market.

One can certainly spend a couple of hours in the Lembang floating marketplace. It’s various restaurants, child zones, beautiful community cuisine, souvenir stores, and budget purchasing alternatives, save for the typical sellers on ships. The lake carrying up an important portion of the fascination is known as the Situ Umar lake.

Ways To Go To Floating Market Bandung

It’s effortless to drive down to the floating market of Bandung. But if you don’t have an international permit, simply book an Uber or neighborhood full day taxi. I would imply to take a full day cab, so it is possible to go to nearby attractions in Lembang. Like Tangkuban perahu, strawberry farms, and cafe Luwak manufacturing units at Kopi Luwak Cikole (It is pretty interesting to see how this famous “poop coffee” is made). We covered all of these attractions on a day trip from Bandung, so it’s easy to view them without feeling rushed or tired.

Ticket Fare & Accommodation

Floating Market Lembang ticket entry is just IDR 20,000 ($1.5) a person, which is a cover and may be used for soft beverages after you enter. So, it’s almost free! It opens daily from 09.00 to 20.00. There are many choices to your hotel near the floating market, Lembang, so it’s not easy to choose.

Why Floating Market Bandung Is A Must?

A stroll around the Floating Market Lembang attracts plenty of excellent photo spots. On our way back from the Tangkuban Perahu, my people and I decided to look at this much talked about Bandung fascination. Even though we weren’t anticipating much, we were pleasantly astonished. I did read a beautiful floating marketplace Lembang review, which lured me into making it my following stop. There is a lot to see a do, and plenty of chic restaurants lineup the riverside like Rockpool, Mie & Bakso, Warung Lotek, etc.

Apart from several other attractions, especially for youngsters such as — Miniatur Kereta Api with miniature trains to look at, Taman Kelinci, a small petting zoo type enclosure for kids and Kampung Leuit a little reproduction Indonesian village. Floating marketplace Lembang Bandung comes complete with facilities like Mushola (Worship place for Muslims), a clean toilet room, and ample car parking space. The best part relating to this floating market is not any two vendors would market the same product.

You get a wide assortment of food and items to select from, and also the uniqueness of the whole place can brighten your day. To buy anything in the market, you must buy coins first — like how a food court functions. I would advise getting around IDR 50,000 ($4) per person to start with — you could always buy more later.

Money goes a long way in Indonesia Lembang Floating market. It makes for ideal picture opportunities and thus tops any list of things to do in Bandung. At the same time, children and families appreciate the various attractions and cuisine, a group of friends flocks into the market just for Instagram shots and those fun-filled floating market Lembang youtube videos.

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