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Floral Design To Use On Your Head

If we talk about flowers to give as gifts, the wreaths of flowers for the head are one of the trendiest gifts of the season according to experts from florist jewellery quarter: they can be used for multiple occasions, although they are very sought after for weddings and special events they are a floral trend of the past, which began in ancient Greece, where they were used to pay tribute to the gods and, later, to represent peace, love, and harmony.

Regardless of age, floral wreaths shine on all types of female hair. Tell us, as a child, who didn’t create a wreath with wildflowers? Whether they were from your garden or hidden from the neighboring garden, we all did it sometime. At least, I even created a whole set of accessories made from flowers, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and crowns. Many times, together with my friends, we made beautiful crowns, to give each other.

Although we are all women, we have grown, but still, on special occasions, we give each other floral wreaths to remember those moments of our childhood. At a wedding, in which we were part of the courtship (as bridesmaids), we decided to use these flower crowns as an accessory, we chose mini cream-colored roses. However, they suggested other types of flowers, we preferred the roses, since they were going very well with the decoration. They looked so good, I can’t forget that moment, and the photos show the evidence of how beautiful the courtship looked, especially the girls, who wore their crowns, like no other.

Dress In A Wreath To Celebrate

You can give a warm and familiar welcome with a special wreath since it can represent an essential part of the celebration, as some even use them to represent fertility, besides there is no doubt about how attractive they all look when using them.

Most florists know how to make a wreath, but if you want to add some personal touches or details to give them, then you can opt for much more detailed elaboration.