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Frequently Asked Questions about Maid Insurance

 One of the norms for selecting a housemaid is that you need to buy maid insurance. In Singapore, it’s compulsory to buy maid insurance, which is an insurance methodology that covers any work-related setbacks and clinical thought charges upheld by the accomplice.

Questions regarding medical expenses

Will the maid insurance cover the expenses of normal medical expenses?

Answer: – The medical expenses covered by insurance policies vary from one policy to another and from one organization to other. Few policies cover all the medical expenses, including the minimal ones. For example, if you are going for a routine check-up with a medical practitioner.

However, insurance policies only cover the medical expenses related to critical cases like permanent disabilities, injuries, accidents, etc.

You should compare the policies and choose the plan which is accurate for your needs.

Can the insurance claim if something happens to the maid when she is on leave and is in her own country?

Answer: – Yes. The insurance policies are designed so that they can provide coverage irrespective of location, i.e., the policies provide worldwide coverage.

However, you need to claim the coverage in the claims department of your insurance agency. While claiming the coverage, you need to submit all necessary proves regarding the medical expenses, such as hospital bills, medical bills, etc.

For more details, you can check Hong Leong’s domestic helper insurance policy.

What is the main difference between medical expenses due to accident and medical expenses due to hospitalisation?

Answer: – There could be situations when your maid faces an accident and requires normal treatment that does not need her to get admitted to the hospital. For example, your maid fell from the stairs and breaks her leg, or your maid cuts her hand and now requires getting stitches.

All the scenarios mentioned above fall under the category of the accident but do not require hospitalization. Hence, these cases fall under the category of medical expenses due to accidents.

On the other hand, there could be situations when your maid needs to get hospitalized due to critical illness like appendicitis that requires surgery or any serious injury that requires her to get hospitalized. These scenarios fall under the category of expenses due to hospitalization.

Why is critical illness insurance necessary?

Answer: – Many of you ask- “is critical illness insurance necessary?” Well, in the case of critical illnesses, the cost of treatment could dig a huge hole in your pocket as the treatment procedures, medical expenses, hospitalization charges, surgical expenses are costly. Hence, your hard-earned savings could be squandered without a critical illness injury.

So, critical illness insurance is very much necessary.

Is dental check-up or surgery related expenses covered in domestic maid insurance policy?

Answer: – A domestic maid insurance policy has several attributes that vary from plan to plan and from agency to agency.

However, expenses related to dental check-up is not always covered in medical insurance policies. Dental surgery expenses can be claimed if there is any injury in the tooth due to an accident or injury. Expenses can also be claimed if any dental treatment is required due to the side effect of any other critical illness.

It would be best if you kept in mind that these policies vary from one another. Hence, there could be policies that cover the minimal dental check-up expenses as well.

Is it possible to claim insurance coverage if my maid visits the hospital for psychiatric disorders?

Answer: – Mental diseases are usually not a part of the insurance policy, and hence you cannot claim coverage for psychiatric disease-related expenses.

However, situations arise when patients are in mental trauma after recovering from a critical illness and require counselling sessions to get over the trauma. These expenses are covered in insurance policies, and you will be able to claim them.

Repatriation and termination related questions:-

If my maid has to get repatriated, then can I claim the repatriation expenses?

Answer: – If there arise any unpleasant situations and your maid has to leave the country and go back to her own country, then repatriation expenses are covered in the insurance policy.

Several situations occur when the maid has to leave the job due to any critical illness, serious injuries, or permanent disability. In all cases, the repatriation expenses are covered within the insurance policy.

When can the termination expenses ore-hiring expenses be claimed?

Answer: – In the event, if your maid suffers from any serious disease over a long period of time and is unable to continue her services as a domestic maid, the expenses of sending her back and hiring another maid are covered in the insurance policies. You can claim it very easily.

There could be many reasons you need to terminate your domestic housemaid, like burglary or any other bitter experience while working for you.

She could get a permanent disability and needs to go back to her country. In all cases, you can claim the expenses.

Most Common Question

How to choose the best policy for your maid?

Answer: – Getting the best maid insurance can be bewildering, especially for beginners. Not only are you dealing with an outright seriously fascinating living with regards to your home from the beginning, but the stakes are also higher if little children or old security guards are left in her thought while you’re abroad.

However, the best way to choose the best policy is to compare all the available policies and choose the best one for you.


Choosing the requisite insurance plan is definitely not a simple errand. Thus, a lot of inquiries come into everybody’s mind prior to getting one. Here, you get some assistance in the event that you need to examine the benefits in the wake of getting a maid insurance policy. Ensure that you look at all the plans and dissect them cautiously to pick the correct arrangement for you according to your demands. Know the plans in detail before investing in them.