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Green Canyon: A Bit of Heaven in Ciamis

Green Canyon is situated at the Kertayasa Village, at the Ciamis Regency, West Java Province, about 31 km or forty-five minutes drive from Pangandaran Beach. Originally called Cukang Taneuh –the regional Sundanese meaning for Soil Bridge– Green Canyon has 3 meters broad bridge made up of dirt above the twin shore on both riverbanks. This natural wonder is indeed a scene you won’t find anywhere else. The name ‘Green Canyon’ is believed to be dubbed by a tourist who came to the location in 1993. It’s stated that the green water of the river and the green moss on the cliff had given its popular name.

As you arrive in the main entry, which is the parking lot of Green Canyon, you will see a row of wooden boats commonly called Ketinting, lining up by the river. Then the keting will then take you on a ride down the river, dividing the green water and producing Small wave on both sides. From the boat, you may see green forest trees across the banks, and sometimes snakes or lizards jumping in the river, or develop to surface. Located not too far from Pangandaran, Green Canyon is a must for people who plan to visit Pangandaran. A part of paradise on the ground as people who’ve been there describe it.

The pure natural wonder is hiding behind the thick bushes and trees of all Pangandaran’s forests. If you believe you’ve never learned about its place, it’s just because Green Canyon is the best-kept secret of Pangandaran.

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To get there, you have to fly or travel by car or by train to Bandung. There are direct international flights in Singapore and Malaysia to Bandung. Several City Trans, firms sometimes operate luxury buses between Jakarta and Bandung. From Bandung, the way to get at Pangandaran is by bus, or rented car. Should you use public transport, from the Pangandaran Terminal, you may Take the minibus headed to Cijulang Terminal. From the Cijulang terminal, the trip carries on ojek accessible bicycle taxis found nearly everywhere in Indonesia.