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How can technology help in improving your English Language Skills?

Speaking is seen as one of the language’s most essential abilities when acquiring a second or foreign language. Throughout the rapidly evolving 21st-century numerous ground-breaking techniques are being implemented in the schools and language centres to make students get through the B1 English Test.

To remain up-to-date, learners need to harness all the available tools and empower them to use the available technologies for their benefit. Students need to upgrade their awareness through the use of new technologies. Otherwise, they’ll relegate themselves to the real world. Effective speaking skills are the act of producing words that listeners can understand.

Role of modern technologies in improving your English Language Skill

Technology supports and fosters learners’ playfulness to engage them in a particular learning environment. Technology provides learners with the ability to communicate individually, provide opportunities for self-paced interactions, accountability and a secure environment where errors are corrected and accurate feedback is received.

Feedback allows the learners to exercise and concentrate on particular mistakes, adding added value through their skill. There are currently a variety of available qualitative feedback tools on the internet.

Ways to use the technologies 

Communication Lab

To develop LSRW skills, the software is available in the language lab. The students have the chance to play it without experiencing pressure again and again. Listening Skills help the individual to hear what someone else is thinking about. Speaking skills helps to express in the same way what he was listening to.

To understand what is in the text, reading skills are important. Skills in writing are used to express one’s thoughts. Students feel interested and want to listen, record, write and practice them through the labs ‘ headphones, generating curiosity in learning and thinking about the subject again and again.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing is the key to view other people’s expressions. It is the live relay program, where students get the best opportunity to immediately post the questions and get a voice from the experts to get the answers to their queries.

Video Library

The faculty of teaching records the lessons and makes them accessible to the learners and the students have the opportunity to practice and listen to them in their spare time, as many times as they can and to grasp the idea excellently. This comes very handily when you need to revise for the B1 English Test and other verbal exams.


Internet use is commonly used by men across the globe. Throughout the learning process, students use this aid to learn English in the classroom, where they search for the correct materials for their subjects. The teachers also instruct the students to gather information and engage in discussions among friends.


Podcasts allow uploading or downloading the audio file, and the instructor may use them as useful audio content for classroom activities such as discussions. It may also provide a vocabulary for various languages to be learned. This helps develop speech skills for the students.


It is a device that looks like a pen drive. Scan the word and get its meaning and its phonetic translation on the LCD screen itself. Many Software allows learners to change the speaking rate of listening materials to assist their comprehension and to display a continuum of speech waves and visual mouth and tongue expression representations to promote learning and improve pronunciation.