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How does VPS Hosting Help Your growing business?

Until a few years ago, almost every business- big, small or medium- had to invest in its own servers. This was a costly proposition as a significant part of the companies’ earnings went into the maintenance of these systems. However, of late, things have changed significantly, and almost every company you can think of uses virtual private servers.

A VPS is a computer that stores your server. You don’t own this computer; instead, it is owned and run by a third party. This computer also runs and stores servers of other business owners as well. The reason it is called VPS is that it is a private resource and at the same time, you don’t have real ownership of this computer.

Why do growing companies prefer virtual private server hosting? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

  1. Low cost of ownership

The first reason has got to do with low cost of ownership. As a business owner, you don’t own the asset, so your asset maintenance costs are zero. The only thing that you have to pay for is the services of the VPS, i.e. rent.

  1. Total Ownership

One of the most significant benefits of owning a virtual private server is that its ownership remains with you. In a shared environment, your resources like data storage, bandwidth, etc. are shared by other users. So barring a few features, you remain in absolute control of your VPS. That being said, you get complete root access over your private server which help you to customize it as per your requirement.

  1. Portability issues

Many small business owners think that portability is a major issue with virtual private servers. That is history because now you can transfer your VPS account from one provider to another. VPS accounts are stored as images, so all it takes for portability is shifting your image from one VPS hosting provider to another.

  1. Security

If you are concerned about security issues, then VPS takes care of that too. Your information is partitioned on your server from others by a strong security layer. All your critical data like payment history, user data, etc. remain a history behind this partition.

  1. Scalability

Now you can sync your business growth with your server configuration. Many startups now no longer have to provision for their server equipment even before their operations have started. Now as your business grows, you can buy additional server space. Likewise, prune your server plan when your business goes down.

  1. Resources can be dynamically allocated

These days, one can get several container-based virtualized platforms that allow for flexibility which usually are not associated with VM based solutions. For example, Virtuozzo Container can allocate or reduce resources from your server without the latter having to be rebooted. This kind of arrangement facilitates superfast management of your website.  

  1. Near 100% availability

There is always a high probability of your hardware falling apart should you install your servers.  In the case of a VPS, there is round the clock service because the management of your server is in somebody else’s hands.

To summarise, it makes a lot of sense to have a VPS hosting. This way, you can control your costs, ensure that your data is safe and secure and that your website is always running. An added benefit is that of scalability.