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How K-beauty Products Work Better

Your skin needs all the nourishment and care especially during stressful times. You don’t want to deal with a pimple breakout in the middle of a pandemic. Thankfully, now that everyone stays home more, your favorite international beauty brands are doing their best for their products to reach you.

If you’ve seen more K-beauty products in your favorite online shop, that’s because they have increased in popularity. But why, you ask?

K-beauty Products Have Long-term Effects



The long-term benefits you get from K-beauty products play a huge role in their popularity. Imagine seeing your skin improve with continued use of your favorite CC cream or cushion foundation. Popular mascaras may also help strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes, while their cream blushes pretty much melt into your skin. You get all of these for the same price as some of your favorite products that work well but stop working as soon as you remove them with an equally expensive makeup remover.

K-beauty is Easy to DIY

As much as they come in cute packaging, their prices may be overwhelming for your budget sometimes. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned money on beauty products. There are plenty of good brands that allow you to create your own products, from foundation to lippies, to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit for your skin tone without worrying about the expense. You can also buy the kits yourself, from a cushion compact to the puff and to the product itself, and refill as needed. This is perfect for those with a darker skin tone because you can add your favorite tinted moisturizer to adjust the product to your shade.

K-beauty is in

Before you think that this just means you’re joining the bandwagon, think about it: products that are not that popular get away with low quality because of the very few people who use them. Meanwhile, heavily marketed and extremely popular products are held to a higher standard. This means the product you use will have passed stringent standards, and have been reviewed by a lot of people who were satisfied with their effects.

K-beauty has Perks

If you follow a certain K-pop group, there are perks to using the products they use, especially during concert season. It’s common for brands to have raffle draws where you win tickets to see your favorite group. This hits two birds with one stone: you get to see your favorites, and you get a product that will have long-lasting benefits on your skin. Even if you don’t win a ticket, you can still feel closer to your idols because you are using a product that they swear by.

It’s not just the popularity of Korean culture that makes K-beauty one to watch. It has plenty of merits by itself, tried and tested by many of your peers. Next time you look at new skincare and beauty products to buy, go ahead and give K-beauty a chance and see for yourself just what makes it so effective.