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How to make a logo online

Often the first image that pops into people’s minds when they think of big companies, whether it’s Lamborghini or Android, is their graphic emblems. In the first case, an angry bull, in the second, a green robot. This is a very important part of the brand, which distinguishes the company from its competitors and conveys certain meanings related to the company’s values. Call such a picture a logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is an image, a symbol or a stylized text, with which the brand is identified. Entrepreneurs usually either order the creation of a logo to designers, which entails considerable expense, or they try to make one themselves. In the second case, you can’t do without special expertise, including software. However, there are services that are online designers to create emblems.

How to make a logo online

To create a good logo, without using software such as “Illustrator” or “Photoshop”, you need to choose the right service. On the web x can be found a great many, both paid and free. We look at three good options.


One of the most popular designers. The site has a nice and intuitive design. The process of creation is divided into several steps, let’s describe each one:

The first step consists of introductions. This is the name of the company, the slogan, which is not obligatory, and the choice of the field of activity. Note that the choice of categories is detailed;

In the second step, the service prompts you to select a color scheme from several palettes;

In the next step, perhaps the most interesting. This is the choice of icons, Turbologo selects them based on the category you previously selected. You can pick up to 5 icons;

The “View Logos” button invites you to admire the options the site came up with based on your choices. In order to see the suggested logos, you need to register. However, you can also quickly log in with the same “Google”.

It remains only to choose the variant you like. Now begins the designer. You can change the font, icons, colors – in general, edit everything that “Turbologo” made itself. Imagine how the logo will look like, in real life, allow the simulated options. The service puts the logo on virtual T-shirts, notepads, etc. Convenient.

The “Download” button leads to a payment form. Yes, you have to pay to get your logo. The minimum tariff “Lite”, which includes one logo file with an editing period of 3 months, costs 790 rubles. More expensive rates allow you to create new versions, get files in vector format, provide a brand-kit and much more. The most expensive option is the business rate with an editing period of 1 year for 2,988 rubles.


All you have to do on this website is to enter your brand name, and on the next page the service will offer you ready-made options. That means you don’t have to choose a category, color, and icons beforehand. On the one hand, it is faster, but then you still have to spend time searching for something you like.

The “Gallery” menu has a long list of categories. In the search, you can search by name. Color scheme can not be set, you can only set the shade of the background. Those logos that you like, you can like, and they will move to the menu “Bookmarks”. Convenient, you can return to your favorites later.

After selecting the appropriate option, you can proceed to editing. To do this, as in Turbologo, you need to register. Tips are provided for those who are not ready to learn the functionality on their own. Logotypemaker also supports the ability to change the font and its characteristics. You can edit icons, modify existing ones or choose a new one. You can change the size and color of the shapes.

The last step is payment. There are only 2 options, basic costs 19 euros + VAT, premium costs 49 euros and VAT. In contrast to all the same “Turbologo”, to see how your logo will look like on different media is not possible. Such visual images service does not provide.


The last service of our small rating is fundamentally different from the previous two. There are no ready-made templates, the logo has to be assembled by yourself. To do this, there are icons, text and shapes. Moreover, the number of icons is insufficient compared to the competition. They can change the color, also customizable font.

The editing tools are basic, but adequate. There are 4 shapes – a circle, a triangle, a square and a line. Very few, and the shapes are only suitable for trying to make something new out of them, rather than just adding to a logo. Preview mode allows you to see how the logo will look on different media.