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How To Safely Buy Beauty Products Online

A lot of people love to shop online because of the many conveniences that the experience offers. Some people enjoy being able to walk around without having to worry about a salesperson following them. Browsing through several websites also allows shoppers to compare prices, features and check out any ongoing deals or discounts without breaking a sweat.

However, shopping online also has its downsides. Because of the sheer number of e-commerce sites and beauty products available online, it can leave you  feeling overwhelmed the longer you browse.

Another downside is the safety of  skincare or beauty products that are being sought out. Beauty  products are mostly designed for specific skin types and may look different on your skin compared to the image you see on the screen. As such, these types of products need to be tested on your skin before using or buying.

The price of skincare and beauty products can also vary greatly, depending on the brand and item you wish to buy. To get the most value for your time, effort, and money, it may be helpful to consider these tips when shopping online for any type of skincare or beauty product.

1. Check the seller

Don’t always go for the lowest prices as there may be more to it than meets the eye. Branded products that are too cheap could be an indication that the item is fake or about to expire soon. If in doubt, try to order products directly from the brand’s website or from their known distributors to make sure you are getting the real thing.

When comparing different websites, check the client or buyer testimonials. An established store will have hundreds or even thousands of testimonials and ratings from satisfied customers. Having many ratings cannot be easily faked and is a good indicator that the shop consistently provides quality products and services.

2. Test before you buy

Don’t buy products from brands that you have not used or tested before. This is especially true when it comes to items that will be applied to your skin, such as makeup, lotions, gels, and other skincare or beauty products. As mentioned earlier, there is no way of telling how your skin will react or look once the product is applied.

Reputable sellers will often try to include images that best represent their products; however, how it looks on your screen can still be different as when you use it.

Testing the product on your skin is necessary, especially when shopping for makeup products such as lipsticks, foundations, or eye makeup. These products are often designed for specific skin tones. By applying the product on your skin, you can quickly check if you have the right color for your skin tone.

3. Consult with your specialist

Reading reviews online can give you an idea of what to expect for specific conditions. For instance, shampoo that is designed for frizzy hair will work differently on fine locks as compared to coarse strands. By checking the reviews, you can set your expectations higher.

The situation gets tricky when you have sensitive or combined skin tones that is prone to acne breakouts or any other skin condition. Your skin could possibly react to particular components or chemicals in the product. In such situations, check with your dermatologist or skin care specialist to ensure that the product you want to buy is indeed safe for your skin.

4. Get samples

Take advantage of free samples if the online store offers them. If samples are not available, your only recourse is to find a shop that has the item you’re looking for and test the item there. Once you have physically tested the item, you can buy the item from a reputable brick & mortar or an online store that offers discounts to get the best value for your money.

There are also shops that offer subscription box services. Subscription boxes include samples of different items. You may need to shell out money to get the samples; however, by opting for a subscription box, you can test the item before buying it full-size.

5. Check the shop’s returns and exchange policy

When purchasing an item from a brick and mortar shop, more often than not, you can go back to the shop, get a refund, store credit, or have the item replaced.

The situation is different when it comes to online shops. Returning an item to an online shop can be trickier and more expensive at times as you may need to consider paying for the return shipping costs. Some shops may not even allow returns with specific types of items or if the packaging has already been opened.

Before making a purchase online, check their policy when it comes to returns, refunds, and exchanges. You can also read customer reviews to see what their return experience was like   when buying from that particular shop.

Online shops can offer you a plethora of options, however not being able to test the product can make the product choice a lot more challenging for consumers. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy shopping online and find products that best suit you.


George Azar is Co-Founder and CEO of HiCart.com. He has extensive work experience with blue chip multinational organizations on both regional and global levels. George is also the founder of companies in the fields of advertising and media buying, professional trainings and development.