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Information on the Right Size of Pearl Earrings You Should Purchase

Choosing pearl earrings of right size perfect to boost the beauty of your face and complimenting your attire isn’t an easy task. The prime reason is that there are varied sizes or pearl earrings available online as well as in local popular jeweller stores.

Here are few useful tips to shop around for the right size pearl earrings:

  • 6 to 7mm size of pearl: If you have short neck this size will be perfect. The size of pearls is usually fixed with other gem stones to make the earring look classic and to be worn as sole accessory with half shoulder evening gown.
  • 7 to 8mm pearl size: It is the normal pearl size usually worn with casual dresses along with matching layered pearl necklace and ring. Moreover, the pearls look quite charming for long years, thus it is favourite earrings of all women.
  • 8 to 9mm pearl size: The pearl looks more prominent, best for pearl studs to be worn daily. Presently, wearing pearl earrings has become an iconic style.
  • 9 to 10mm: It is basically preferred to make traditional earrings. Many women like to wear single stranded pearl earrings designed in precious metal like platinum to be worn with long pleated frilly evening gowns or with off shoulders top.
  • 10 to 11mm pearl size: The right size to show off your earrings to standout in midst of crowded gathering. Women with good height prefer to go for moderately big size pearls embedded along with diamonds to highlight the look of earrings.

While purchasing pearls you need to consider other facts as well.

Colour of the pearl

The pearl overtones contribute a lot to enhance the beauty of earrings. Exclusive coloured pearls may be little pricey, however worth every penny.

Quality of the pearls

While buying them to make pearl earrings make sure to visit reliable pearl dealers shop. Few classic pearls are even certified to prove the purity of the gem.

To buy pearls is an easy affair by following certain rules. You can use the strands of pearls to design exclusive pearl earrings and other jewelry accessories.