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Is Your Mobile Phone “Fashionable”

The development speed of smart phones is very fast. Many mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful and even become “all-purpose machines”. But only “omnipotence” is not enough.” Fashion” is important. Do you know whether your mobile phone is “fashionable”?

The development of mobile phones has replaced many other items. There are still many photographers who do not agree with the photographing technology of mobile phones. They think that the real “photographer” must be a professional person and hold a digital camera. However, the camera technology of mobile phones is becoming more and more powerful.

In fact, photography technology was only an additional technology for mobile phones at the beginning. When smart phones were not yet popular, it would be a great thing for a mobile phone to be able to take photos. The mainstream direction at that time was to optimize and compete for the audio and video entertainment direction of mobile phones. Such as music playing and video playing. It was unexpected to the people at that time that mobile phone photography could have reached the present stage.

What functions do your mobile phone camera have now? The most basic are the functions of beauty and zoom multiple. However, some relatively strong mobile phone cameras can even reach dozens of times of zoom. More and more mobile phones support night vision. This will enable your mobile phone to take good photos at night without distortion. The popularization of wide-angle lenses makes mobile phone cameras more and more playable.

When you travel abroad, you will find that few people carry big cameras with them. More people just carry a mobile phone. Whether it is used for taking photos or videos, a mainstream smartphone is enough.

When it comes to “fashionable” mobile phones, appearance must be an important measure. At present, most mobile phones use 6-inch screens. Most screens are LCD or OLED screens. There is little difference in appearance between the two. There will be a slight difference when using them. The material of the fuselage is full of tricks, such as glass, ceramics, metal or plastic. In addition to the metal fuselage, several other materials are not resistant to falling. Just like HONOR 20 Lite, once it falls to the ground, the screen will be scratched or broken. The HONOR 20 Lite case price is being discounted. It is a good choice to start with a mobile phone case to protect your mobile phone. And the mobile phone case itself is a good fashion decoration.

Appearance and taking photos do not prove whether a mobile phone is “fashionable”. The real “fashion” needs to be excavated and discovered by yourself.