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Learning the Art of Decision-Making

In every enterprise, big or small, decision-making is a continuous process. Possessing critical thinking skills in leadership development enables one to identify the issue and devise a solution advantageous to the company and its employees.

Managers and leaders must make decisions daily, and the decision-making process is crucial to their bottom line. The inability to define one’s position in any particular circumstance can ultimately impact the business and the executive. While making and adhering to a decision is the cornerstone of effective leadership skills.

Assumed to be an indecisive leader, a manager’s inability to make a decision can wreak devastation among employees and disrupt the staff’s overall productivity and efficiency. In contrast, employees have a more favorable opinion of a manager who possesses common sense, knows the importance of leadership skills, and can act swiftly in any circumstance.

Decision-making does not permit second thoughts. A manager must make a decision based on the presented information and act with speed and professionalism. A manager cannot decide and then change it based on how they will be perceived. A competent leader must maintain a certain distance from their employees so that decision-making is not slanted or perceived as biased.

In addition, a manager must be equitable when making decisions. It must be objective and pertinent to the circumstance. Unprofessional decision-making based on speculation or unsolicited information demonstrates a lack of trust and confidence in themselves and their workforce.

To make decisions without being influenced by any particular individual or circumstance, it is necessary to have an intrinsic perception of one’s character. Employees expect leaders to make sound decisions that positively impact the organization. These decision-making skills are critical for a leader’s abilities to be questioned.

If you want to be a more effective leader, check the infographic below from Corporate Learning Solutions to learn more about decision-making.