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Modern business cards for your new adventure

Business cards have been in the scene for decades. Like an evolving fashion, the styling of cards also changed and is changing every day. Gone are the good old days of rectangular cards. Let’s welcome the modern business cards along with other several types.

If we are talking about modern cards, it will not be fair if we don’t talk about Handy man business card. Their designs range so diversely it is a tough decision to choose one design for representing your brand.

Modern business cards from Handyman

  • Handyman offers outside of boring same old rectangular cards. Yeah, rectangular cards have that appeal of serious business but can you deny that a regular, unimpressive card just lays around your desk!
  • If we are talking about modern business cards, let’s dive into all the cool, interesting, slick designs on vertical, square or round or any shaped cards we are blessed with, thanks to our creative geniuses among us.
  • You have a bakery or a flower shop and you want to share the fragrance of your crafts with just a piece of paper? There are scented cards at your service.
  • A transparent card that reflects your transparency and squeaky clean image of your brand and your service through the one thin material that carries your brand’s name.
  • Do you want the extra added touch to your business card? There are neon paints, 3D embossing designs, or cards shaped in the specialty item of your business, like a house, car, razor blade, or fish.
  • You want to represent creativity. There are illustrations, watercolors, floral motifs, crazy doodles are available to print on the business cards.
  • You want to bring elegance to your business cards. There are geometric patterns, beautiful simple patterns, typography, and calligraphy for your convenience.
  • If you want to keep the simplistic yet impressive touch, there are pastel shades with simple geometric patterns and clear, classy fonts.

There are so many alternatives. But in the end it’s upon you which stylized medium you think represents your brand and delivers the message of your services to your future consumers.