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Today, it takes a few clicks to see a good psychologist. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Modern technologies make it possible to make life much easier, save time and money and not become attached to your city or country when choosing a specialist in online psychology. Online psychology is very convenient!


Psychological consultation or psychotherapy sessions online is almost the same as work in the office, with the exception of the personal presence of two people in the same room. This service is a spoken genre and does not imply any rough restrictions when working via the Internet.

That is, the quality of the assistance received is exactly the same high level as in the face-to-face session. The responsibility of the parties, the setting, the agreement is of a standard nature and applies to work in the office and online.

Benefits of Online Therapy

A modern person spends most of the time on the Internet on a smartphone, not a computer or laptop. Not recognizing the benefits of Skype as a way to expand and geographically diversified psychological practice is like falling behind the times.

A good Internet provider even allows you to collect psychotherapy groups via Skype from people who are in different cities and countries and not feel discomfort in communication, and everyone has already heard about the popularity of webinars.

Online psychologist – the most important benefits of work

Save time

On average, a psychotherapy session takes 3 hours – 2 of them are taken by the road. Plus there is a possibility of being late for a consultation due to traffic jams, a blocked street or other unforeseen reasons. A Skype consultation will take exactly the time that you agreed with the psychologist.

A large selection of specialists without reference to their city.

If you live in a small city, the choice of specialists is obviously not great, traveling to a neighboring large city is rather tiring, but I also have such clients. By the way, they say there is another reason – usually in a small town everyone knows each other, and this creates a feeling of insecurity. If, on the contrary, you live in a large metropolis and you cannot afford a specialist, Skype solves this problem.

If you live in a foreign country, finding a Russian-speaking specialist is also not easy. Skype will help in this case as well, though you need to take into account time zones. But even in your own city it is sometimes difficult to find a specialist whose territorial location would be convenient for you too.

Comfortable familiar environment of your place

Sitting in your office or in a room at home, you do not need to get used to the new environment, adapt to the room temperature, and other nuances of the new place. You will devote your full attention to the dialogue with the psychologist.

Lower session cost

This item is optional, depending on the conditions of the specialist himself. But if we are talking about comparing prices of an online psychologist, then the consultations of the latter will be much lower. Or if we compare prices for psychologist services in capitals and other cities.


Only when working online do you have the opportunity to remain completely anonymous and not show your face at all, while seeing a psychologist. With full-time work, this is impossible. Confidentiality is guaranteed in any case, this is part of the professional ethics of the psychotherapist.