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Provided by food, vitamins are essential for our body. But what is the role of these small molecules?

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Multivitamin juices, “super foods” doped with vitamins, food supplements. The presence of vitamins has become an important marketing argument. If they are really necessary for our body, they are not miracle molecules that will cure all ailments either. What then are the real roles of vitamins?

A vitamin is an organic molecule necessary for the proper functioning of the body, which cannot be made by the body. It is therefore imperative to consume it through the diet; otherwise there is a risk of deficiency, sometimes with serious consequences. “These are the deficiency situations which allow us above all to understand the usefulness of vitamins, nutritionist at Bichat hospital in Paris. Thus, it was the scurvy of sailors, deprived of fresh fruit, which made it possible to understand the importance of vitamin C. Go for the codigo descuento iherb in that case.

The mechanisms of action of vitamins

Vitamins have several roles. They can, for example, be coenzymes. Enzymes are small “machines” that transform other products in order to perform actions necessary for the cell to function properly, and they sometimes need partners to do this. For example, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 or B6 participate in enzymatic reactions such as energy production.

Other vitamins, like vitamin C, are antioxidants. In the cell, many activities produce aggressive molecules called “free radicals”. Ascorbic acid will stabilize these radicals to prevent them from attacking the cell. Vitamin E, capable of inserting into cell membranes, is also an antioxidant.

Vitamins can finally serve as messengers. So vitamin D is synthesized in part by the skin through exposure to sunlight can undergo changes to become calcitriol. This molecule is not only necessary for the absorption of calcium; it is also a messenger that will tell cells to produce more of certain proteins.

A diversity of roles and sources

By these varied mechanisms of action, vitamins are useful for the whole body: the eyes, the bones, the skin, the digestive system, the blood. Consuming enough is therefore necessary, especially in the long term. We know that there is a link between a person’s vitamin consumption and certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer. So you can opt for the iherb with 5% iherb קופון  now.

But no need to give in to marketing sirens, because finding vitamins is in fact not very complicated:

if it is well known that vegetables are full of them, they are present almost everywhere in the diet. We find vitamin E in vegetable oils, vitamin B3 in fish, vitamin B12 in eggs, etc. It is in particular to find all the diversity of vitamins necessary that the national health nutrition program recommends a balanced diet and varied. Unfortunately, “there are situations of inadequacy of intake compared to optimal needs, for vitamins C or D for example. These are the options that you can go for now. You can expect the best results with the items now. The right supplements are there with all the supports available for the same here. Greater solutions are there.