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Qatar Airways Covid-19 Safety Features

What are the Upgraded Sanitation Measures to Make Travel Safe?


Corona Virus plague has brought to an end the commercial aviation activities. As a result, many airports stop providing the services and limited flights to specific destination are approved. Airlines companies have utilized the free time to organize the aircrafts staff just to offer safest surroundings to travelers. After establishing new safety rules, flight operations are resumed. Onboard sanitation and extensive cleaning measures are followed so the passengers remain safe during the trip. Get Qatar Airways Promo Code and experience safe journey and highest standard hygiene measures, so you reach your destination safe and sound.

Guaranteed Safe Traveling


It is assumed that the environment inside the craft is impure. People having different infections are sitting at same place and exhale the air containing germs, so there are maximum chances to get deadly germs through breathing. EASA & IATA has confirmed that the circulating air in the plane is now completely safe and germs free. Even the quality of air inside aircraft cabin is improved and purified than that of office, homes and school.

If you are concerned to know about the cleaning system, keep in mind that advanced air filtration system is installed that is used in operating theatres to filter the air after two minutes. This system has power to confine 99.97% germs. Even some airlines have used highly advanced system with 9.99% guaranteed protection. Aircraft has vertical flow of air (top to bottom) therefore it is impossible for pathogens to transfer from one to another person.

Upgraded Security Measures


Apart from air filtration systems, airlines are following upgraded security measures to confirm social distancing. Receive Qatar Airways Promo Code and fly safely with the most experienced and 5-Star Covid-19 Safety Rating airways.

  • Precautions at the Airport

Social distancing is maintained at the airport between the staff as well as passengers. Customer service area is repeatedly disinfected.

  • Digital Check-in

The best airlines offer their customers to handle pre-flight process digitally. As a result, you can avail online check in facility and avoid standing in queues to maintain social distancing.

  • Boarding

Most of the airlines offer safe and fast boarding system. Now passengers can only enter the boarding gate when their row number is announced.

  • Onboard

Properly fasten the seat belt and keep on wearing the mask onboard. It is mandatory for passengers to cover mouth and nose during flight. Only kids below 6 years of age are allowed to travel without mask.

WHO and EASA have recommended strict cleanliness protocols. It is the reason; plane sanitization is performed each and every day whereas detailed treatments are given to overhead compartments, tables and armrests.

Even the airlines have cancelled high altitude shopping just to restrict the contact between passengers and cabin crew. Moreover the magazines and newspaper sale is also brought to an end. Get Qatar Airways Promo Code to have safe journey as the planes have HEPA filters to purify air and abolish bacteria and deadly particles. It is recommended to keep bare minimum in hand luggage so you have least contact with crew and move swiftly.