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Qualifying the Stipulations Levied for Availing Benefits under EEOICPA

When it comes to seeking compensation for injuries suffered at the workplace, you should rest assured to hire the services of an attorney. You should rest assured that not all employers or insurance companies would be able to provide you with adequate compensation easily. They would not agree to the claim filed by the worker or employee.

Therefore, to claim the benefits, you should consider hiring the services of the best in the business attorneys competent to handle your claim in the right manner. However, that may not be the case with injuries or illnesses suffered by employees of the Department of Energy. The employees working under the Department of Energy would be entitled to energy employees occupational illness compensation.

However, there would be certain stipulations levied on filing the claim for EEOICPA benefits. Let us delve on the stipulations below.

The benefits offered by the EEOICPA would only be for the employees of the Department of Energy. Therefore, before you look forward to filing the claim, you should determine your employment with the DOE to establish your claim.

The other stipulation would be the chronic illness should be covered by the EEOICPA covered illnesses. Therefore, when you look forward to filing for a compensation claim, you should rest assured that illnesses covered by the EEOICPA would be entitled to the benefits only. If your illness qualifies the criteria, you would be able to receive the benefits. If you were unable to qualify the conditions, you would be compensated by other available programs, but not the EEOICPA.

Another most important stipulation would be that of the illness being diagnosed within five years from the date of employment. You should get your proof ready to be submitted along with the form when applying for benefits under the energy employees occupational illness compensation program.