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Rental Car Accidents -Know Your Legal Options!

Car accidents can take several forms. One thing common in most car accidents is injuries and damages. Any car accident might likely result in injuries ranging from minor to severe, depending on each case. However, one must call for medical help immediately after the accident as it can help them prevent the severity of injuries and rectify the damages while they can still be fixed. 

It might sound rare, but rental car accidents have been rising. While rental car accidents have increased, several people must be aware of the latter. In such cases, it will be helpful for you to be mindful of such problems as it is likely that one will rent a car in case their car breaks down. 

Besides, you can also consider hiring a lawyer if you are injured in a car accident

What is a rental car accident? 

Let us assume you use a rental car for business travel. When you are driving a rental car, and you get into an accident, it will be termed a rental car accident. When you get into a rental car accident, you will likely worry about paying the rental company for damages. Paying for the damages will depend on the type of insurance you have. Lastly, you might be required to determine the fault of the accident. 

What are my insurance coverage options if I have a rental car accident?

You will be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the rental car. Even if another driver causes a car crash and damages the vehicle, you or the person renting the car will be held responsible for the damages. As a result, the insurance coverage of the person renting a vehicle will be used to pay for the damages. 

Below are some of your options if when you have rented a car and encountered an accident with it:

  • Personal auto insurance 

Most rental companies will require you to have insurance when you rent a car. Suppose you already have insurance when renting a car. You can choose your insurance coverage to pay for the damages in such cases. 

  • Rental car company’s insurance

The rental car company will likely have additional insurance coverage. Before you rent a car, you will be provided with additional coverage by the rental car company. Pay close attention to this coverage, as it can help you gain extra coverage during an accident.