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Skiing In The Snow – What You Should Know

If you’re the adventurous type and want to figure things out for yourself, the key is to use the ski (turning them in) or snowboard (leaning backward) blades to your advantage, creating resistance in the snow. It is this movement that provides braking and cornering in the snow.

It may seem difficult on the first few tries, but with a bit of practice, you’ll soon be controlling the movement without any major problems.

How Do I Choose A Ski Slope For My Level?

Despite the existence of a conventional code for classifying the slopes of the ski resorts, there are some differences between them according to region. The evaluation of the difficulty of a track goes through several aspects, such as the level of inclination, the width of the track, whether the stretch is “groomed” (smoothed by machines), the types of obstacles, curves present, among other characteristics.

All rankings are based on colors, indicating the recommended skill level for the descent: green for beginner, blue for intermediate, red for advanced, black for expert. Some destinations also use orange, signaling the most challenging tracks, and may even double the color, indicating that the track in question is more difficult than another but not enough to classify it with the next level.

To avoid any doubts, learn how to read the ski maps and always check the material before reaching the slopes to avoid any surprises. Finally, remember that self-assessment is critical. When reflecting on your skill level, consider your previous experiences and what techniques you have mastered to understand exactly the size of the challenge you must face ahead.

What’s The Trick To Get Off The Lifts Without Falling?

The means of lifting in ski resorts are one of the biggest enemies of beginners, more specifically at the time of embarkation/disembarkation. But don’t worry: the biggest risk is playing a big monkey with a silly tumble in front of many people’s eyes, as these areas are always busy. Moving to the correct spot to sit on the chairs and getting them off the top of the mountain doesn’t seem very difficult at first, but it proves to be a big challenge for novices. For skiers, the task is simple: skis are stuck on their feet at all times. With the help of the sticks, it is easy to reach the chairs.

Fall Skiing

For those with a snowboard, however, the mission is more complicated. It is necessary to release one of the feet of the board (usually the one on the back) and simulate the “stroke” of the skateboard to get around. When it’s time to get off the chair, place your free foot on the board and slide out of the landing area, out of the way of those coming behind.

In addition to the traditional lifts like the chairlift, there are other different types of lifts at the ski resorts. One of them is the magic carpet, a treadmill that carries people towards the top of less steep descents, usually on beginner slopes, because they are easier to use.