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Smart casino88 Betting That you Can Place

One of the positive points of online casinos is that you will be able to activate bonuses, in other words promotions, before your games, which will considerably increase your player balance. We are going to introduce you to these bonuses, what is important to understand is that when playing with a bonus you will have conditions to meet , so read our supplement on the conditions in our next article.

For now, let’s take a look at the bonuses themselves:

Welcome bonuses

After you register with the casino88, the casino will offer you the chance to activate a welcome bonus. If you have decided to play with the promotions, then these are clearly the ones you should not miss. These are the most important bonuses, their rate can go up to 400% with a ceiling of 3000 Swiss francs, which is still incredible to start your game. You will get it once you have completed registration .

Reload bonuses

Once you have used the welcome bonus, you can obviously get more for your games, and this every time you make a deposit, they are logically called reload bonuses. The rates are less attractive, 200% maximum, but that remains interesting in our opinion. The luck you have is that most of the bonuses in a virtual casino are for players who use slots, so at some establishments you will have quite a wide choice for this category of bonus.

Referral bonuses

All your “seller” abilities can be used with the referral bonuses , we will explain it to you quickly and we will come back to this program anyway in a specialized article. If you invite your friends to play at the casino and they like it and make a deposit, then you will receive a bonus which is actually a reward for bringing in other players, usually 25 Swiss francs, which will allow you to play without having to make a deposit.

Loyalty bonuses

If you are a regular player and deposit a lot, then the casino is bound to spot him. Because it wants to keep its players loyal , the casino sets up a loyalty program through which you will be able to obtain incredible bonuses. Often these bonuses are calculated as a percentage of your total deposits from the previous month, up to 30% in some cases. So imagine that you have deposited 300 Swiss francs, then you get 100 to play for free at the casino.

Birthday bonuses

Is it your birthday? Ask your casino for a bonus, it will not refuse you it because the establishments are often very generous. The amount offered really depends on the establishment.

Promotion bonuses

Because there are often new slots that are released, well you can safely receive a little bonus for trying them out exclusively. Admittedly, the amount is not huge but it allows you to play in real mode and to win money too, so don’t miss it.