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Soak in the raw essence of Madrid in three-hour food tour

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is the ideal destination for food lovers. This beautiful city has a number of must-visit sites and its people are understandably proud of their culture, tradition and cuisine. The city can be best experienced through a food tour which is a three-hour full entertainment comprising of food, drinks and sight-seeing.

When you choose to go on the Madrid Food Tours, you are introduced to the famous foods of the city but with a difference. The best features of these food tours are:

·        Chance to know the recipes and culture behind the recipes

Madrid, like many other cities of the world, keeps food on the focal point of celebrations. People enjoy having merry time with lots of wine, vodkas and other drinks. They love to complement these drinks with heavy food comprising of beef, toasts and various side dishes. While on the food tour, you are given an in-depth story behind the dishes and why these are prepared on the chosen occasions.

·        Tapas tour

Tapas is exclusive to Spanish cuisine. This is actually known either as food joints that offer munching delights or some use this term to represent a number of quick foods. Tapas tour when accompanied by a knowledgeable guide is the best way to come closer to Spanish people and understand their way of living.

·        Amazing nightlife tours

Sun never sets in Madrid. It is not an overstatement. The city is bustling with action almost all through the night. People running eateries around the happening squares like Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and others are ready to serve you any hour of the day. The whole environment is electric and you can also witness some great performances by street artists.

So, trip to Madrid with food and wine is a perfect setting for spending vacations in the most memorable way. Try once this season without fail!