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Some important information on slip and fall

There are number of slip and fall cases reported in a regular manner. The reasons behind it are a slip from defective stairs, porch or roof collapse. In short, as and when accidents take place in others property the owners of the concerned property are responsible for the injuries incurred by the victims. There are few things which need to be taken into account to prove that the owners are responsible for the accidents that had taken place. It is up to the victims to prove a latent defect existed. They may even have to prove that there was already a defect in the property which the owners were aware of yet they did nothing to get it rectified because of which the accidents had taken place. The victims with the help of their Slip and Fall Attorney Atlanta can get their dues paid by the property owners by proving that the owners had intentionally concealed the dangerous condition of the property which already existed. It is up to the victims and their attorneys to prove that he would repair the defect but failed to keep up their words. In case they even it was not done the way it should have been done.

Property owners need to maintain the property

Victims can hold the property owners liable if and only when they maintain the properties. The property owners who maintain their properties and had not taken the necessary actions in avoiding injuries by fixing the problems that had existed. Fixing the problems would have the most affordable but the property owners were too stingy in getting it done. This led to the gory accident faced by the victims. One of the most common instances of slip and fall accident is ice and snow which had accumulated in someone else’s property which the he or she failed to get it cleaned and due to which they slip and fall accident occurred. If all these are and can be proved by the victims with the help of their attorneys the property owners cannot escape from compensating the victims.