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Style Tips For Mother Of The Bride

Forget about the things that you know about the mother of the groom and bride dresses. Although old school style tells you that moms must wear beige and similar colors, there’s little truth about it today. Instead, moms opt for awesome outfits that are suitable for their body shapes, age, and wedding style. Furthermore, they choose a dress which is stylistics too. To make sure that you look gorgeous on the wedding day, here are some tips before selecting the style that you want: 

Select an Outfit Other than the Suit 

Today, the classic dress and jacket are still popular but it might not look good on you. Think about the style that will look good on your curves. Determine which body part you would like to highlight and what type of style will make you feel good. Consider what dress will be appropriate for your age. 

Today, there are many designers that offer short dresses and long gowns that are suitable for moms to wear during the wedding. For example, you can find at JJ’s House some strapless, sleeveless, chiffon, lace, V-neck, or crew dresses. Rest assured that you can spot on whatever you like from many retailers in the market now.

Select a Dress That Matches With the Bridesmaids 

Since you will be posing in group shots, you must choose a look that will not stand out with the entourage. For this reason, avoid selecting bright colors. Neutral colors like champagne and silver are an awesome mother of the bride dresses, especially if they sparkle. See to it that it complements the bridesmaid’s dresses no matter what color you select. The dress style can be different from theirs but the colors must be cohesive. 

The Outfit Must Not Compete with the Bride 

Today, wearing white for the mothers of the groom or bride is out. Cross it off your list because white is only reserved for the bride. 

Moreover, remember not to wear a dress with a plunging neckline unless you’re a part of a reality TV show. Don’t show at your daughter’s wedding with lots of cleavages. 

Wear Shoes that you are Comfortable to Walk 

If you don’t like wearing high heels or stilettos, then don’t wear it during your daughter’s big day. You can wear shoes which you’re comfortable with and a dress that matches with it. See to it that it’s appropriate for the event. For example, if you will have a garden wedding, a block heel, flat, or wedge will work best. Don’t wear stilettos because the heels will only sink in the grass. 

Forget About the Corsage 

Many moms are looking forward to having a unique floral piece versus a pin-on or traditional pin-on corsage. One awesome option is to carry a single stem flower. You can also try a single floral clip in your hair. It is nice to see floral accents during a wedding. Small details like this will highlight your looks. 

Wear Long Gowns

If the weather is warm, you don’t have to wear a cocktail dress. Many of the moms prefer long gowns or mother of the bride dresses. Indeed, it is flattering on any body shape and you can find one which is suitable for the wedding palette. You can find a wide selection of these gowns at JJ’s House.