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Things to do in Seattle in January

Shining in all its lush green beauty, Seattle is known as the Emerald City, harboring high life quality.

Visiting Seattle in January is a great plan keeping in view the mild climatic conditions. Seattle is a center of natural attractions, museums, entertainment avenues, and a tech city.

Is Seattle safe? Well, Seattle has been consistently ranked as one of the safest, friendliest, and open-minded cities in the United States. What does that tell you? If you’re looking to travel to Seattle, don’t forget to apply for an ESTA from before. It can take you around 72 hours to get one, and you will need to fill out all details correctly to avoid rejections.

Best places to visit in Seattle In January

  • Museum of Flights

The museum of flights in Seattle holds the first airplane designed by the Wright brothers. With more than 500,000 visitors annually, the museum is undoubtedly one of a kind. This museum is also an education hub featuring models of space vessels and shuttles, and flight machines from various generations.

  • Space Needle

You know you cannot miss out on visiting the Space Needle, located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Thousands of tourists visit the structure daily to sneak a panoramic peek of the tech city. The views at night are worth every second of your time.

  • Woodland Park Zoo

A huge zoo no less than a wildlife sanctuary; it is located a little outside the inner-city limits. You will find various animals and species that live in harmony with their dedicatedly created natural habitats. The Woodland Park Zoo is an excellent place to be when you want a little time out of the regular shopping malls and beaches.

Places to Eat in Seattle

  • Canlis

Located at 2576 Aurora Avenue North, Canlis is a reputed fine-dining outlet serving Seattle since the late 1950s. Noted for the Pacific and the Cascade Mountains’ glorious views, Canlis is well known for consistent blue-ribbon services.

  • Spinasse

Who doesn’t crave some world-class pasta, garlic bread coupled with blazing red wine? If you concur, you should head over to one of the most famous Italian restaurants in town, Spinasse, addressed at 1531 14th Avenue. The interior boasts of intricately designed wooden tables and wine shelves, making a great photograph that you can take home as a memory.

  • Sushi Kashiba

If you thought that Seattle is limited to continental food and classic American dishes, then you’re mistaken. Sushi Kashiba located at 86 Pine Street, Suite #1 is considered one of the best Asian restaurants in Seattle and serves the best sushi and omakase. The sushi is prepared in the Old Tokyo style, attracting visitors from all parts of the state.

Where can you stay in Seattle?

Embassy Suites by Hilton

Addressed at 255 S King Street and located in the downtown part of Seattle, if ambiance and comfort had another spelling, it would spell “Embassy by Hilton.” The outlet features huge suites equipped with balconies, ideal for couples as well as families. Other amenities include an indoor pool and a bar cum restaurant. The per-day rate can range between $175-$225.

Georgetown Inn

Now, if you’re looking for budget stays, then Georgetown Inn addressed at 6100 Corson Ave S is where you want to lay your bags down. A lot of complimentary value is equipped with your stays like free wifi, free breakfast, free parking space, and other amenities. The per-day rates range between $75-$125.

Best time of the year to visit Seattle

Try visiting from late June to early September if you want to explore it all. Streets are flocked by thousands of enthusiastic tourists and backpackers; the local transport and market places are filled. Naturally, during the peak season, accommodation charges, food, and entertainment rates skyrocket.

The ideal time to visit Seattle is from September to early January. Less footfall in the city means lower room rates and a convenient way to enjoy touring the city.


Seattle is the largest city in Washington State and the city with the US’s highest growth rate for the past few years. Being a hub of technology, software, aviation, and social awareness has transformed the city into one of the most sought-out destinations for travel.

The diverse culture that is reflected in this city should make you issue your visa right away. Is your visa esta denied? Application rejection can be because of various reasons, firstly because you are not qualified for the privilege. Some other reasons can be related to your application or reasons personal to you.

Regardless, it would be best if you got your issues sorted at the earliest and reapply for your esta visa.