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Urgent Visa Cancellation

Things you need to know about Urgent Visa Cancellation?

There is a wealth of information about how to establish your business in the UAE From how to start and run a firm to how to apply for leases, bank accounts, visas, and more, the companies have got you covered.

Regular expatriates in Dubai, however, eventually return home or relocate to fresh pastures. Departing, like arriving, necessitates a significant legal paperwork and other processes – yet data on such processes is difficult to come by.

Those planning to go somewhere else or leave Dubai, for example, must normally revoke their resident visas first. Working with a specialist, such as BIZ or Business Incorporation Zone, is usually a smart option when taking this step. They can make certain procedures and give you the information about urgent visa cancellation.

Who has the authority to revoke your residency permit?

In most circumstances, only a resident’s sponsor has the authority to revoke a resident visa. They have that job, and that is the name of your boss.

Firstly, employers should apply for a cancellation of your labour contract and labour card with the MOHRE or Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Because your approval is needed to begin all the procedures, you will be participating in the process. Your boss must send an approval letter to MOHRE. At this point confirming that you have got all the needed fees and the permission will be revoked.

The sponsor must transmit the form to the head or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to enable the resident visa cancellation, once it has been accepted by the MOHRE.

You should go for the urgent visa cancellation if you are the one who is supporting them. This must be finished before the boss applies to have yours terminated.

In Dubai, you can cancel a visa.

The procedure for urgent visa cancellation in Dubai varies depending on the type of visa you have and your activity in the UAE. They’ll go over a few of the most frequent steps you could be needed to take.

Documents Required

The following documents are necessary to enable urgent visa cancellation, according to the UAE legal website:

  • MOHRE clearance certificate and a cancellation application form signed by the sponsoring company.
  • The sponsor’s original passport
  • Sponsor’s original identification card
  • A printed extract of dependent visas or a passport (if the sponsors are out of Dubai).

The person who gave you the sponsorship may stay in Dubai for 30 days after the resident visa has been terminated. To avoid immigration issues, you must either change your residency status or leave the country within the timeline.

Bottom Line

Enabling urgent visa cancellation in the UAE does not have to be difficult if you have the necessary information. Working with the specialists at a well known company will assist you in ensuring the case. They will provide all visa and immigration services and can help you cancel your visa swiftly and effectively by liaising with the appropriate offices. They can also assist you if you want to return to the UAE or need to relocate your company elsewhere in the region.