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Tips to Ensure a Safe Flying Experience Amid the Second Corona Wave

The second wave of coronavirus started impacting India in March. However, some of us may need to travel. It’s a good idea to take all the necessary precautions so that we can be safe while travelling.

Here are a few simple precautions that you can take to ensure you can minimise the risks and enjoy a safe flight.

Must Have Essentials

Consider double masking to improve fit and filtration. This means wearing a surgical mask beneath a cloth mask. You can also use KN95 masks which can keep the air from entering your face. This way you are completely protected against coughs and sneeze particles. Carry a sanitizer that contains at least 60-80% alcohol. Don’t forget to keep pack masks and wipes before boarding your Raipur to Delhi flights.

Minimize Human Contact
Make the best use of technology wherever possible. Consider web-check in beforehand to book your seats. Further, get your luggage tags printed from the electronic kiosks at the airport. These are simple ways to stay away from the counter queues. Further, avoid buying food and beverage from the stalls. Lastly, try to maintain distance while waiting near the boarding gate.

Seek Medical Advice
Before booking your Kolkata to Bengaluru flights, consider a medical check-up. This is especially important if you have a cold or fever. Having these conditions automatically indicates a weakened immunity system. You are more susceptible to acquire the virus and fall sick. Therefore, either make sure you are not travelling or wait for 24 hours after the fever has subsided before heading towards the airport.

Avoid Eating In-Flight

The SARS- CoV-2 virus does not spread via food. Further, the top airlines take adequate measures to ensure utmost hygiene. However, since the new strain is airborne, it is safe to avoid eating and drinking when you are surrounded by people. Consider filling your stomach well before boarding your flight to reduce any possible risk.

Pick a Window Seat

The best aircraft is thoroughly sanitized and deep cleaned every 24 hours with a high concentration of approved disinfectants. Additionally, the cabin crew has been appropriately trained to reduce the chances of virus contraction. However, as a responsible passenger, you can consider booking a window seat. This can increase the effectiveness of protection since you are less likely to get exposed to fellow travellers. Try to remain seated throughout your Kolkata to Bengaluru flights to further lower the odds at exposure.

Wipe Your Surrounding Areas

All surfaces which are likely to be touched by passengers are heavily cleaned by the top airlines. In fact, the air inside all Mumbai to Hyderabad flights is purified to remove fungi and bacteria with the help of powerful HEPA filters every 2-3 minutes. However, there is no harm in quickly wiping and scrubbing the seats and armrest before settling down. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands immediately afterwards to avoid any germ transmission.

Further, make sure to follow the usual like social distancing, wearing masks at all times and sanitizing your hands frequently. It is also advised to travel only after completion of both vaccine doses for added safety.