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Tips When Shipping a Car from North America to South America

Earlier driving from North America to South America was not an easy task. However, with better transportation systems, it has now become comparatively easier to drive between the two countries. If you are planning to relocate from North America to South America, then read this article. You will learn the best ways and tips to accomplish the move.

How to Drive from North America to South America?

Pan-American Highway has made it easier to commute between North to South America. Via the Pan-American Highway, one can commute from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to South America, covering almost 25,000 miles. The Highway ends at the 90-mile roadless area “Darien Gap” that comprises rainforests and swamps.

Furthermore, over the past few years, political stability has seen an improvement in Latin American areas. Moreover, road building efforts have also made it easier to drive to the south comfortably, and safely.

There are several air cargo consignment options available. It will make it transport the motorcycle fast across the Darien Gap. However, larger vehicles can be shipped by boat.

Ship A Car Inc. is a leading and trusted provider of transport nationwide shipping services. The company assists in the transportation of cargo and vehicles of all shapes, and sizes. They charge a reasonable cost to ship a car to meet the budget constraints of their customers.  

How Much Time Does It Take to Ship a Vehicle Through the Darien Gap?

Logistics and documentation make the car shipping process a lot hassle-free. It requires at least one week to organize the vehicle shipping.

Some parts require maintenance before shipping, it is better to always check for Tracktech, the company is for cars and automobiles.

The person who wants to ship their vehicle needs a lot of days to fill out the necessary forms and load/ unload it on either end. This makes it essential to get a start quickly and organize the vehicle shipping several weeks from the date of actual shipping of the vehicle.

Tips to Ship the Vehicle

·       Use A Cargo Container

This is the safest way to ship a car. Your vehicle remains loaded into the shipping container throughout the trip. The only downside is that the containers can get very hot during the journey. Ensure that you remove food, batteries, electronics, and other objects that are prone to heat.

·       The RORO option

In this method, the car is transported via ship instead of a storage container. The advantage of this method is that it saves money and reduces stress linked to packing the vehicle in a container and transporting it across ports.

However, to use the method, it is required for the car owner to hand over the vehicle keys to the shipping company. RORO is a security concern as the people employed by the shipping firm have complete access to the vehicle.

·       Advance Preparation of Documentation

Passing via maritime borders is a cumbersome administrative process that can cause you a lot of anxiety. Reduce your frustration by keeping the paperwork and documents ready.

These include passport, WHO Yellow Vaccination Card, vehicle title, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of monies, proof of registration, visa, and vehicle registration.


Driving from North to South America has not been challenging as it was before. Better transportation channels, roads, and political stability has made it a lot easier for commutation. It is advised to plan the trip so that the entire journey becomes stress-free as much as it can. Keeping these things in mind will make it a smoother move.