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TOP Gambling States in the United States

Gambling is one such thing that many will try at least once during their lifetime. For most people, this will mean a trip to a city with several commercial casinos. If you travel to any of the 23 states in the US that allow casinos, you can try your luck in this industry. It is of no surprise to anyone that Las Vegas along with its home state, Nevada pulls the largest numbers in terms of casino revenue, and there are still 22 states that are trying to be the state where you spend your gaming dollars. Most of the physical casinos offer you rewards like the bonus from True Blue Casino. Let’s check out the names of the top gambling states in the US.

  1. Nevada

Choosing to gamble in Nevada is as natural as checking out skyscrapers in New York City. Nevada gambling laws regulate online gambling, casinos and card games along with the gambling experiences. Nevada was the first state that legalized gambling. Recreational gambling in Nevada is regulated by State Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission.

  1. South Dakota

Gambling in this state is more of a tourist attraction. Did you know that the Gold Rush-era town that lies in Deadwood has been transformed into a gambling-themed vacation? The gambling laws in South Dakota allow poker, casino games, sports betting and bingo. 21 years is the age for gambling in South Dakota and 18-year olds are allowed to participate in horse race betting.

  1. Montana

Montana is the third-highest ranking state in the US for addiction towards gambling. Since 1989, gambling in Montana was regulated by the Department of Justice. The Montana Department of Justice offers regulations on gambling that include live card games, video games, sports games, live bingo, casino nights, dice games and fantasy sports games.

  1. Mississippi

In the month of August, 2018, Mississippi sports gambling was considered legal. This legalization was considered possibly by actions taken by the Supreme Court and the repeal of a former bill. The Mississippi Gaming Commission has legalized online gambling in this state and hence you can get easy access to gambling. The Mississippi Gaming Commission publishes monthly reports to declare earnings that are related to gambling. In 2018, casino revenue for the state was more than 2 billion dollars.

  1. West Virginia

West Virginia gambling grew after the legalization of sports betting. The gambling laws of West Virginia allow access to betting through mobile and online sources. Mobile applications and websites have quickly entered the market to serve consumers in West Virginia who wanted to bet online. The legal age for gambling in West Virginia is 18 years for lottery, bingo games and racing. For casino gambling, citizens should be minimum 12 years of age.

Therefore, if you’re interested in gambling, you should make sure you visit any of the above mentioned states in the United States of America. Know everything on gambling and the games that you can play so that you don’t end up making wrong decisions.