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Truck Bed Mats vs. Liners: What Should You Choose?

Be it tools, snacks, or your beloved camping gear, a truck bed is the safest place to store such items. Still, the more you use the bed, the more it is prone to wear and tear.

So, what should you usually do to protect the inside of your truck?

You can use a rubber truck bed mat or liner to safeguard the interior from those unsightly dents and scratches. However, either of these items has features that suit different users. So, to know which product is apt for your utility, scroll below and find out!

Bed Mats and Liners in a Nutshell

Flexible, versatile, durable; truck bed mats are items that prevent the cargo from shifting inside a truck. These mats are made from materials like vulcanized rubber or polyurethane.

On the other hand, liners are available in spray or drop-in form. They are generally made from polyethylene plastic. Notably, liners also keep cargo in the desired position.

Why Choose Bed Mats Over Liners?

Both truck bed mats and liners have distinct advantages over the other. The choice between these products depends on your preferences.

So, here’s why you should choose a rubber truck bed mat over a plastic liner:

  • Bed mats are very easy to remove and clean.
  • You don’t need a professional to install them on the bed truck.
  • They are non-permanent products.
  • Bed mats are more affordable than liners.
  • You can even trim them according to your requirements.

In short, if convenience and cost-effectiveness are crucial factors, bed mats are the best options.

Why Choose Bed Liners over Mats?

Different customers will always have distinct requirements. So, a viable alternative to truck bed mats is the beefed-up liners.

Here are the reasons to prefer liners over bed mats:

  • Bed liners protect the sides of the truck.
  • You get more protection coverage by installing a bed liner.
  • These are permanent protections for your truck’s interior.
  • Airflow is good even under the liner surface.

If you feel the need for extra protection, even for the sides of your truck, opt for bed liners. Still, there are specific points that you need to consider.

Which One Should You Choose?

In terms of utility, both the bed protections serve the same purpose. However, to make the right choice, keep these points in mind.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Bed mats are removable, whereas you cannot unfix liners easily. So, if you prefer more control over the cleaning aspect, opt for truck bed mats.

Service Life

Bed liners have a better lifespan in comparison to rubber mats. So, if you want to use the same product for a long duration, choose truck bed liners. On the contrary, you can always replace bed mats periodically due to their affordability.

Installation Ease

Bed mats are simple, precision-cut items that promote hassle-free installation. On the other hand, to install liners, you might need to drill holes aligned with the liner’s access points. So, professional help is a requirement in the case of bed liners.

The decision is simple. Choose truck bed mats if you want more control, ease in maintenance and installation. Also, modern bed mats are precision-cut and highly durable. So, you won’t compromise on the protection level.

And if you want to protect the sides of your truck bed and install a more permanent solution, opt for bed liners. But know that their cost is higher than bed mats. Hopefully, you can now buy a truck bed protection that suits your priorities.