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Unique Ideas to Throw a Low-Key Wedding

With Corona in the picture, many people have downsized their weddings to a small banquet room with limited guests, including close friends and family. It is best to conduct a mini ceremony and enjoy the best since it is a trendy and new-age option for everyone. Weston has the best small wedding locations to accommodate enough people, but one must carefully select the best one according to their plans. Select an adequate banquet room in Weston, FL, to throw a low-key wedding with the best aesthetics and create memorable times.

Here are some unique ideas to make the wedding ceremony a joy fest.

Personalised invites:

Bigger weddings are a headache to coordinate and manage. One can invite every person through a customised letter or video invitation to suit each person accordingly. This way, the couple forms connections with the invitees and makes them feel special by calling them to their wedding. Large weddings are difficult to customise and may take too much time to reach every individual. The costs skyrocket too.

Select a unique invitation form for each person or family to make it even better. A pop-up wedding card or a mini care kit are some of the newest entries in this section that most couples choose. One can also base the invitations on each guest’s personality and relation or choose a general invitation with a customised message inside for each.

Venue decoration:

Weston has beautiful vintage and authentic banquet rooms for weddings and small events. One can find a banquet room pembroke pines fl, depending on the couple’s size requirements, aesthetics, and budget. A small banquet room accommodating up to 200 people is the perfect choice to decorate beautifully and provide spacious seating for the guests.

For a unique touch, choose flowers like peonies and tulips. Arrange them subtly around the room and avoid overdoing it with too many flowers. Choose different colour palettes apart from the regular white that can look regular and boring. A fun and modern wedding could include a wedding theme for the guests. It unifies them and adds flavour to the ceremony. This theme could be colour based or something the couple fancies, based on what everybody would appreciate.

Lighting and photography:

Finding the perfect lighting is vital to the wedding. In a closed space, one must consult with the venue operators to install lighting beforehand. It is necessary to better the pictures and create a romantic setting. Do not use extensive lighting just for photography’s sake, as it might ruin the aesthetics. General string lights are also a fabulous option. Use warmer tones to enhance skin tones and look graceful on camera.

Encourage new-gen photographers to shoot creative pictures throughout the ceremony. Many people like a live painting or drawing of their wedding in live time. Appoint smaller photographers and creative people for the project since a general photography studio will only provide the boring old styles they use for every wedding. Weston is not short of creative thinkers and doers.

Food and drinks:

This section is easier to experiment with if one knows their guests well. Try the couple’s favourite food instead of regular wedding food to add a twist to the menu. Try fun food and separate stalls for live food making for the guests to be surprised and indulge in regularly.

Adding a separate corner for kids and adults is also a superb idea to avoid a mess and experiment more with food. Serve in aesthetic plates and cups that will leave the guests in awe.