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Warm Flooring – Few Clever Ideas to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

Flooring is an integral part of your home. However, is your flooring made to provide warm underfoot during winter? If not, you do not have to worry. You have great affordable options for warmer and cosier underfoot during chilling winter.

Let us figure out tricks to convert your existing flooring for winter warm feelings:

  1. Overlay cork flooring

Corks have warm air bubbles trapped within them, which acts like natural insulator for much warmer underfoot. They are eco-friendly and anti-allergic. They are more durable, stain-resistant and waterproof. Corks can be easily overlaid on your existing flooring.

You can select a local store from the online directory of the Flooring Domain for your Australian flooring supplies of premium and cheap cork flooring. The Flooring Domain, headquartered in Queensland, have reliable and affordable flooring service providers and flooring stores from all over Australia. You can browse through their online directory to compare quotations of different flooring companies from your locality.

  1. Luxury carpet flooring

Carpet floorings are cheaper and most popular choices for warm floorings solutions for your living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. The warm air trapped in their fabrics acts like an insulator and preserves heat within your home.

They provide soft and tender cushion for your family to roll on it and keeps them warm during chilling winter.

You can also lay them over your existing flooring where there is a lesser chance of contacting moisture or water. The latest designed carpets can easily be self-cleaned of dirt and dust.

  1. Texture designed rugs

Rugs are available in various colours and texture of your choice. They provide cushion and soft warm care to your feet during winter. They do not require any installation process and can be simply unpacked to lay them over your floors.

They are cheaper than carpets and are used for partial covering of your existing flooring. They are easy to clean and fold packing them during off seasons or when not required.

  1. Installing Radiant floor heating

You can have a pre-installation of a radiant floor heating system prior to your floor finishing. They can provide much warmth than other warm flooring techniques during shivering cold seasons. They are costlier and consume more energy for heating process, and can increase your electric bill. On average, electric-based radiant floor heating costs $8 to $15 per square foot, which rounds up to $1 to $5 per day, so don’t expect cheap electricity rates with this one.

  1. Hardwood, vinyl, laminated and tile floorings

When newly installed, these types of flooring can provide their natural warmth. Eventually, they lose their warming properties over time. You may lay down an insulated subfloor under these floorings for warm underfoot during the winter season. These are costlier than carpet and rug floorings.

Woollen carpets and rugs may also be overlaid on these floorings to feel warmer underfoot. They are economical and prevent the need of radiant heating system or any other room heaters during the winter season.

You can research and choose one of the best flooring stores across Australia on https://flooringdomain.com.au/users/flooring/flooring-supply/ to shop for your superior quality carpets and rugs. Flooring Domain is an online marketplace to find a local flooring store for your premium flooring products. They have a directory of verified suppliers and manufacturers of all kinds of flooring products and precisely reviewed by their existing clients.